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Small Pack For Boys Age 5 Years+



Great for short flights, quick breaks, car or train journeys, and short days out. Great for restaurants instead of screens, by the pool, beach, or downtime in the room. We recommend our larger KeepEmQuiet packs for trips abroad to ensure there are enough items to keep them entertained for the entire journey & trip.

Our entertainment packs aren't just for travel, they are great for rainy days, sick days, hospital stays, off-school days parties, and weddings too (we supplied our packs for the Royal Wedding!)

Included: 5 entertainment items + crayons + our famous KeepEmQuiet reusable rucksack

All packed into our bespoke KeepEmQuiet rucksack.

Age titles are only a suggestion and are not meant to be taken literally. Adult supervision is always required. Please read more in the About Us section of the site.

Pictures are illustrative only, the individual items are subject to change daily and are wholly dependent on inventory levels - but you will always receive the correct amount of items & snacks as per your length of trip choice. 

Please remember, this is a lucky dip of items that are packed to a certain formula, we, therefore, cannot guarantee specific items will be included. 


Customer Reviews

Based on 31 reviews
Emma Rowlands (Woodford, GB)
Amazing! Especially when BA Cancelled our flight!

We possibly had the worst flight experience going to and from the UK this month. 4.5 Hour delay departing and our flight was completely cancelled for a day and a half on our way back so we were stuck in the airport for 12 hours with our 5 year old before we knew where to go or what we needed to do. Thank goodness for KeepEmQuiet! Because it did exactly that whilst we had endless hours of waiting around and sitting on floors. It is a fantastic pack, and my Son was delighted to be carrying it around with him!
Hoorah for KeepEmQuiet! You kept a very bored and tired boy, very happy at the worst of times!

Amy Cumberland (Evesham, GB)
Great pack!

My son loved his pack and I felt it was good value for money. I had requested something lego themed as he loves Lego and sure enough a little kit was in his pack. Would definitely order again.

Charlotte Gray (Edinburgh, GB)

I ordered two of these for my children. They are perfect and I have no doubt they will make flying with a 2 and a 5 year old much easier!

Nicola Swadkins (Burntwood, GB)
Not for older boys

Thought i’d chance this for my 8yr old son, sadly these really aren’t suitable for older boys despite stating suitable for upto 10. What was inside was more suitable for a 5yr old, if you are trying to capture a wider audience the contents really need to be switched out for more age appropriate stuff, a gruffalo colouring book isn’t most 8yr old boys idea of fun.
There seemed to be more options in my daughter’s pack who’s 6 too.

Carol (Leeds, GB)
Keep em quiet bag

This was brilliant for my grandson he absolutely loved opening this on plane for our holiday kept him quiet