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Large Pack For Boys Age 3-5 Years
Sophie (Burntwood, GB)

I had high expectations after reading reviews but unfortunately I’m disappointed with my purchase. The pack is advertised on the website advising that 2 snacks are included. When it arrived there were no snacks in the package. I contacted customer services who stated they are no longer supplying snacks and that they hadn’t updated their website and offered me 5% off my next purchase. This didn’t suffice as I’d paid the price I did based on the pack coming with snacks. I asked to return the item or be provided with an additional item sent FOC to replace the snacks. I received the item today and it’s a cheap yo-yo. I feel this isn’t equivalent to the price of what the snacks would be. Overall, I feel the items included in the pack are not worth the money and I wish I’d just purchased the items myself from a local retail. It’s a shame as I like to support small businesses and I wouldn’t have left this review if a suitable additional item would have been sent. Also the fact I was only offered 5% off my next order and I had to ask for an additional item is disappointing.

Lifesaver for Long Haul

We have twin 2 year olds, bought this full kit and the additional plane pal without the pump. Would highly recommend. Easy to inflate (I would definitely get the pump if you don’t already have a manual airbed pump). Our girls slept for the whole 8 hour flight (nighttime flight) and half of the 10hr flight there (morning flight). I even managed to lay down and have a nap across them as we had four seats in a row and the two pillows inbetween mine and my husbands seats. Was also great to provide space for the girls to get closer to the plane’s TV screen And to stop dummies/toys/snacks falling on the floor. I’m so happy I bought this and customer service was great!

Large Pack For Girls Age 1-3 Years
Jake Doncaster (Nottingham, GB)
Good Value

My little girl really enjoyed opening the bag, some great little items inside including magazines etc... would/will definitely purchase again.

Small Pack For Boys Age 1-3 Years
Victoria Hayes (Streatham, GB)

George absolutely loved his travel bag. We purchased the small bag to try first. He enjoyed playing with the new toys and reading the new books. The treats were perfect too, vegan and allergen free. Will definitely purchase a bigger bag for our next trip. Here he is getting excited to find out what’s inside whilst waiting at the airport.

Large Pack For Boys Age 1-3 Years
Natasha Prior-Bliss (West Malling, GB)
The perfect solution!

This keepemquiet pack was PERFECT for our holiday for our 2 year old, we didn’t need to take anything else with us! Such perfect activities for their age and so enjoyable and engaging. We will certainly be ordering again for our next break!

Large Pack For Girls Age 3-5 Years
Christine Vial (Front Royal, US)
Loads of surprises

Second time I order the pack so my daughter is busy during our 7hour flight. I like this diversity of items and books and crafts. She was busy and after during the holiday too. Many thanks !

Medium Pack For Girls Age 3-5 Years
Charlotte (Northampton, GB)

What a lovely jam packed bag full of goodies for my little one. This really helped ok our recent trip to Disneyland Paris as our ferry was delayed on our way back home and we were also stuck in traffic so all the books, colours, snacks came in handy massively. Would definitely recommend. Thankyou 🥰🥰

KeepEmQuiet®️ Sensory Fidget Kit
Andrea Catton (Limassol, CY)
This was perfect for SEN daughter!

I was nervous on plane with my 7 years old, she is non verbal Autistic. I bought this bag thinking well I bought her sister one, so I best by one each. I thought she won’t be interested if she doesn’t like it I’ll give it her little sister. I was wrong!! I surprised her on the plane with this fidget bag kept her occupied for hours she kept diving back in again and again squishing some toys and spinning theme I highly recommend this to all children tbh as well as if you have a child/adult with Sen needs there was things in there didn’t know she would like. I took out the slime but kept the top shape of dragon I think it was? Either way she loved it all. Will purchase the large one next time.

Large Pack For Girls Age 3-5 Years
Andrea Catton (Limassol, CY)
We loved it!

I bought my youngest and oldest a bag. My oldest is 7 non verbal Autistic so I got her the fidget bag (review under fidget bag) my youngest loved this bag it really did keep her quiet on the plane. Ill be recommending and purchasing again 😊

Large Pack For Girls Age 3-5 Years
Shanice Williamson (Wembley, GB)
Great product

Highly recommend my daughter loved her travel bag!! Definitely will buy again

Great value for money.

Really great pack for value for money and my little boy was very excited to open it. He loved the this and most of the activities. Unfortunately we had two toy story activity books included which my son really doesn't like and Peppa pig which he doesn't like anymore and I think is a bit young for him. We would get again but I would specify some preferences as it was a shame we got three things he didn't like and therefore use.

Small Pack For Boys Age 5 Years+
Emma Rowlands (Woodford, GB)
Amazing! Especially when BA Cancelled our flight!

We possibly had the worst flight experience going to and from the UK this month. 4.5 Hour delay departing and our flight was completely cancelled for a day and a half on our way back so we were stuck in the airport for 12 hours with our 5 year old before we knew where to go or what we needed to do. Thank goodness for KeepEmQuiet! Because it did exactly that whilst we had endless hours of waiting around and sitting on floors. It is a fantastic pack, and my Son was delighted to be carrying it around with him!
Hoorah for KeepEmQuiet! You kept a very bored and tired boy, very happy at the worst of times!

Large Pack For Girls Age 3-5 Years
Carmen Bowers (Chelsea, GB)
Always Delivers!

My daughter gets so excited as soon as she sees the “blue rucksack with the plane and the children” on it! The range of items and activities is brilliant and so well suited for her age. I think they are excellent value for money and in my experience, they are not just for the plane journey - we come back to the games and activities all through our holiday. I highly recommend these bags - they are fantastic!

KeepEmQuiet®️ Sensory Messy Play Pack
Mia Coulter (Southport, GB)

My girls loved this I always buy these packs when we go away or a rainy day to keep them happy and chilled we do love a messy play to !

Large Pack For Girls Age 3-5 Years
Michelle Williams (Almoradi, ES)

Honestly, great value for money, just bloody brilliant. The activities included are so engaging, I added some extra snacks of my daughter’s preference but otherwise it was utterly brilliant for a flight (along with our iPad of course)! Great idea, great little business, will absolutely buy again. Thank you for helping this Mummy out!

Great product for little artists!

Brilliant idea and our little girl was chuffed to be able to draw to her hearts content in the car! It’s perhaps not designed for extended rear-facers, as it had to sit across her knees, but it’s nice and light and she didn’t seem bothered by that. And we expect to be able to use it on lots of types of trips in the future!

Medium Pack For Girls Age 3-5 Years
Lauren Moody (Salisbury, GB)
Exceeded expectations!

Absolutely blown away by our pack that arrived for my 3 year old for our trip to Spain. It has things I wouldn't have thought to even pick out myself like dog classes and a lovely little jewellery set as well as colouring and travel cards. She is going to love absolutely everything and it suits her personality so so well! I can't wait to give it to her! One less thing I need to think about! Thankyou for picking such amazing items perfect for a 3 year old little girl. Couldn't recommend more!

Large Pack For Girls Age 3-5 Years
Michael Beardsworth (Slough, GB)
Fantastic Activity Set

Fantastic activity set, enough to keep both the little one and parents quiet for hours on end. This is a no brainier for any future holidays!

Large Pack For Boys Age 1-3 Years
Amy cook (Barnsley, GB)
Great buy

Would definitely recommend, the bag kept my 2 year old entertained for our flight! I will definitely purchase again!

A bag of fun

This was our first time ordering a Keep em Quiet bag. The items inside seem like they are bespoke to this company, it would take time and money to go out shopping for these things. My little boy enjoyed the Spider Man items the most whilst on the plane and the treat as well.
These bags keep on giving beyond the plane as we got it out whilst on holiday as an activity to keep him busy.
I would and have recommended to others.

Large Pack For Boys Age 5 Years+
Kerry Leighton-Bailey

I bought 2 packs for my 6 and 9 year olds and they were fantastic. The children were so excited to see what was inside, and there was a real mix of activities, fun items and a couple of treats. We used many of the activities throughout our holiday, and the children were super engaged. Lovely idea, will definitely order again

So much to keep them entertained!

Bought for my daughter aged 6 for a trip to Mexico. Gave it to her at the airport as a surprise. She absolutely loves it and it has kept her entertained for hours. Good selection of activities.


We used the plane pal for our flight to the Philippines via Singapore for our 3 year old. He slept so well and was so comfortable. It’s very easy to use and light to carry.

Exactly what I needed

Easy to carry with us (under our Yoyo pram) and inflate once we were on the plane. I followed the instructions that comes with it which are easy, inflating only 85% of it. I’d definitely recommend it to anyone doing long haul flights. My baby is 22 months and I know we’ll use this a lot

Amazing product

We loved the plane pal my three year old found it so comfortable and when she wasn’t sleeping it was a handy storage shelf for all her things from her ‘Keep em quiet pack’ would definitely recommend for long haul travel! Small and compact to fit in hand luggage, inflates quickly and deflates and packs away easily.