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Medium Pack For Girls Age 3-5 Years


"Off school saviour!

Good value for money. I bought this to help keep my daughter amused while we are off school. My daughter was delighted with it.  It was also really good to get vegan-friendly snacks. 🙂"

- S. Curley - KeepEmQuiet.com customer

Great for medium-haul flights,  car, train, or boat journeys. Perfect for when you want to keep your child entertained throughout the day or want them to have multiple toys and gifts they can keep going back to throughout their holiday. Great for restaurants instead of screens, by the pool, beach, or downtime in the room - our 'busy bags' will last the entire trip (not just for the journey)!

Our entertainment packs aren't just for travel, they are great for rainy days, sick days, hospital stays, off-school days, parties, and weddings too (we supplied our packs for the Royal Wedding!)

Included: 7 entertainment items + crayons + our famous KeepEmQuiet reusable rucksack

All packed into our bespoke KeepEmQuiet rucksack, so they can take their bag of goodies everywhere with them!

Age titles are only a suggestion and are not meant to be taken literally. Adult supervision is always required. Please read more in the About Us section of the site.

Pictures are illustrative only, the individual items are subject to change daily and are wholly dependent on inventory levels - but you will always receive the correct amount of items & snacks as per your length of trip choice. 

Please remember, this is a lucky dip of items that are packed to a certain formula, we, therefore, cannot guarantee specific items will be included. 


Customer Reviews

Based on 144 reviews
Charlotte (Northampton, GB)

What a lovely jam packed bag full of goodies for my little one. This really helped ok our recent trip to Disneyland Paris as our ferry was delayed on our way back home and we were also stuck in traffic so all the books, colours, snacks came in handy massively. Would definitely recommend. Thankyou 🥰🥰

Lauren Moody (Salisbury, GB)
Exceeded expectations!

Absolutely blown away by our pack that arrived for my 3 year old for our trip to Spain. It has things I wouldn't have thought to even pick out myself like dog classes and a lovely little jewellery set as well as colouring and travel cards. She is going to love absolutely everything and it suits her personality so so well! I can't wait to give it to her! One less thing I need to think about! Thankyou for picking such amazing items perfect for a 3 year old little girl. Couldn't recommend more!

Fay Rasit (Famagusta, CY)
Amazing bag

I ordered the 3-5 years medium pack for my 4 year old.My daughter absolutely enjoyed her bag of goodies & kept on asking everyday can I open it’ but I said no not until we go away! But they were worth the wait. She had a crown in her bag which she loved decorating. I would definitely recommend to anyone that has little children and are going on a journey. It made our journey so much easier and quicker.

Jen Banfield (Hondon de las Nieves, ES)
Flight entertainment

I ordered a 3-5 medium pack for my daughter on our flight to Spain. It was great. Easily kept her busy for an hour. And she kept going back o the little toys. Glad I’ve ordered a second for the flight home

Suzanne (Cobham, GB)
Money well spent

My (almost) 4 year old loved this pack.... we had a 2 hour flight to Italy and kept her amused the whole time. She even continued to use and play with all the bits at our holiday destination! Would buy again.