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About Us

KeepEmQuiet.com was founded by Carly & Dan - a married couple who have 2 children. The concept was born out of a struggle to find adequate, engaging and good value products for entertaining their little ones on flights & whilst at home, on rainy days & off school! They were recently interviewed by Holly Branson on her blog about their journey and have recently been featured by Sir Richard Branson himself. To watch our interview about how KeepEmQuiet.com started you can watch our interview at Virgin HQ here:

 How it works, it's REALLY simple:

Step 1: In the main menu under 'Packs', pick from GIRLS or BOYS  (there are Unisex options too!)

Step 2: Pick the desired AGE range you require exact ages are on the product page

Step 3: Pick your SIZE - determines how many items are in each pack and their respective prices: Small, Medium & Large (& if for travel, you can add a 'RETURN' leg pack for your journey home too that contains different items!)

Step 4: Choose one of our home activity products or innovative travel products or to keep your kids even MORE entertained, we sell everything you could possibly need to keep children engaged whether it be at home or on the go, including an entire range for the home or for traveling

Step 5: Sit back, relax and your order will be delivered to your door!

🏠Kids off school?

🎁Need a unique gift, a bag full of surprises? 

✈️ Flying off to sunny Spain? 

🚗 Long car journey to the Coast? 

💺 Long haul trip to Los Angeles? 

🛥 Ferry ride from Dover to Calais?

 🛳 Cruise to the Caribbean? 

🚝 Eurostar ride to Disney Land Paris? 

🍽 Restaurant outing with the family? 

🏕 Camping with the little ones? 

👰🏽 🤵🏽 Taking the kids to a wedding? 

👶🏽 Need Christening gifts for the kids? 

🏖 Need to entertain the kids whilst on holiday too?

.........us parents know how difficult it can be to keep our children entertained!

Don't worry! Our experienced team of parents knows what your little ones need.

We hand pick the ULTIMATE entertainment gift packs for your kids all crammed full of:


You won't have the laborious task of shopping around multiple stores in search of fun things to keep your child happy. We also want to save you the stress (and cost) of the infamous last-minute dash to expensive airport shops just so you can salvage some peace for the flight!

We set up KeepEmQuiet because as parents we weren't satisfied with just plonking an iPad in front of our kids. The hassle of shopping at a plethora of stores was time-consuming and unnecessarily EXPENSIVE - our KeepEmQuiet packs are at least 50% CHEAPER compared to if you were buying all the items yourself at the RRP on the high street.

Our team knows exactly what kids of all ages want to play with, we know what keeps them entertained, so leave the hard part to us - we've done the running around for you so you can enjoy your trip! The items we select vary with every pack and we constantly update our inventory.

We provide you with an all in one, affordable, headache free solution. All items come bagged in our bespoke KeepEmQuiet child-friendly rucksacks - which your little ones will love to wear as hand luggage, use as a pool/beach bag, take to the park or to their friends houses (& to keep it all contained when finished playing at home)!