KeepEmQuiet®️ Sensory Messy Play Pack


"Cracking little set up! Loved!

Our Sensory Messy Play Kit has proven so popular that it sold out within the first week of launching! We have now restocked it in limited supply so more people can enjoy it! 

This is an amazingly fun kit we've put together to include an array of things to spark your child's interest in different textures, sensations, and feels! This is supposed to be messy, so get your hands in and play! But......all contained within a special inflatable tray so there's no overflow onto the rest of the house! All the items are hypoallergenic, non-allergic, non-irritant, skin safe, easy clean and stain free.


  • 1x Inflatable tray (approx 40cm x 60cm inflated)
  • 1x can of foaming, shaping & modelling soap
  • 'Crackle Baff Colours' - mix with water to crackle, pop, and change colour! (3 pack)
  • 'Gelli Play' - turns water into goo! (makes 10 litres of goo)
  • 'Snow Play' - mix with water to create 'magic snow' enough for 15 ‘snow balls’ 
  • 2x animal figurines - to role-play within the mess!

Watch our kids enjoying it:

Recommended age 3+

Reuse multiple times!

*Please note, items might be substituted for other similar products from time to time, pictures are only illustrative of the type of product included, individual items may vary, colours may vary.



Customer Reviews

Based on 36 reviews

My daughter absolutely loves her messy tray so much. It’s been used over and over again.
Two suggestions.....puncher repair patch would be amazing as our puppy got a hold of it. Thankfully I have patches so could do a super quick repair and it’s as good as new.
And a fairy option please says my daughter.

Fab messy play hours of fun

My son played with this messy play kit for ages he really enjoyed playing with it had lots of fun highly recommend it

So messy!!!! 😆

My little girl used the foam with a little water and gave all her animals a wash!!
She loved it, I loved it! Great fun! And we still have loads of other bits to use and the inflatable bath can be used again and again! ❤️


Not quite certain what to say about this. It is great fun and my 2.5 year old loved it. But the no mess messy play bit. All I can say is look at the photos. Oh and the soapy stuff dyes EVERYTHING blue!! But it is great fun

<p>Hi Sinead!</p>

<p>I have to be honest, I roared with laughter at the pics! However I am glad they loved it, that's the most important thing I guess, it is supposed to be a little messy of course, but generally speaking - a little of each product is the best way to go to avoid the 'mess', if you use a little/reasonable sized amount there's little to no mess and then you have multiple uses out of the product. With regards to the blue staining, we've tested this multiple times and if you use a little bit of water it dissapears, its only soap afterall (meant for the bath, so it should actually clean your child not stain them), so next time use it sparingly (!) and with water to avoid any staining (or the child being completely covered in it, no matter how hilarious the pics are!). In any event, please drop me an email on <a target='_blank' href=''></a> and I'll give you a discount code for next time partly because you really did make me giggle (not sure if that was intentiional or not?!) and partly because I dont want you to be dissapointed at all. Glad it was loved though. Best, Dan x</p>

Cracking little set up! Loved!

We ordered the messy play set; The tray, lots of different messy things to squirt and add water too! Both my kids LOVED IT! (6 and 3) We wore old white shirts and pretended to be scientists!
The instructions were simple to read.
Set up was good to go!
The opportunities to use new language when discussing textures, happened naturally - really really pleased! Best money I’ve spent in a while on an activity of this type.
Thanks so much!

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