👑Used By the British Royal Family👑

Haunted House Halloween Deluxe Make Up Kit



Unleash your inner creativity with this imaginative face paint and makeup kit, capable of conjuring a wide array of spine-chilling appearances, from sinister clowns to bloodthirsty vampires and eerie skeletons. But don't let your imagination be confined; explore limitless possibilities!

This comprehensive set provides all the essential tools to transform yourself into a vampire, a skeleton, and beyond. Within this Halloween makeup kit, you'll discover everything you need to bring your eerie visions to life

  • 5g Fake Blood
  • 2x Sponges
  • 8x Cream Face Paint
  • 4x Crayons
  • 1x Black Nail Polish
  • 1x White Face Cream

Whether you’re going trick or treating or off to a party, you can add some spookiness to your Halloween costume with this Haunted House make up kit.