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KeepEmQuiet®️ MEGA Sensory Fidget Kit


"Mega fun for kids and adults!

I bought the Fidget 1 kit for my granddaughters, and they absolutely loved it, to be fair so did I. Fabulous assortment to "fidget" with. In fact I was so impressed I got the Fidget2 set for them as well. I also got a set for my neighbours daughters birthday and she loves it as well. What an amazing idea, real quality and so much fun. I'm definitely going to get the Xmas additions. Absolutely recommend. Thankyou" - Elizabeth. W - KeepEmQuiet Customer



Off the back of the success of our initial Sensory Fidget Kit, we have decided to offer another kit full of different items, these items are slightly larger than in the 1st Fidget Kit & there's more in it! So we are now offering you 2 types of Fidget Kit! 

We are super excited to introduce our fidgeting fun KeepEmQuiet®️ Sensory Fidget Kit 2. We have collated and curated the most educational, addictive, tactile, and anti-anxiety fidget toys to create a special 22-piece kit. Destress with all your favourite fidgets! Some of these craze fidget toys have gained popularity on TikTok, Instagram and YouTube. Fidget swappers, fidget traders, & fidget toy enthusiasts unite, this is the ULTIMATE fidget kit!

Relax, feel calm, learn with different tactile senses, and have lots of super satisfying fun with our colourful KeepEmQuiet®️ Sensory Fidget Kit, the must-have gift for little fidgety fidgeters!

This kit is such good value, we conducted a test and bought every item individually from online stores & high street toy stores, and the value of this kit would be over double the price if you bought everything individually yourself, which is why we created it! Not to mention the time and effort it takes to make it yourself! No wonder they have been so popular!



  • 1x Rainbow Ice Cream Bubble Pop It
  • 1x Simple Dimple Key Ring Pop It
  • 3x Magnetic Fidget Rings
  • 1x 20cm Reversible Octopus Plushie - please note only 1 plushie is included, it is reversible!
  • 1x Fidget Barrel (aka fidget cube) - it's a game and fidget in one!
  • 4x Super Squishy Mochi Characters 
  • 2x Pop it keyrings
  • 1x Rainbow Pineapple Click Snap Fidget
  • 1x Super Squishy Transparent ‘DNA’ Ball - with squishy beads inside! *this stress ball might vary in design 
  • 1x Wacky Track Spinner
  • 1x Magic Fidget Snake (similar to ‘Wacky Tracks’)
  • 4x Sensory Bendy Pipe Pop Tubes
  • 1x KeepEmQuiet Rucksack - to keep it all contained

All packed into a KeepEmQuiet®️ branded rucksack to keep everything together when on the move. This kit is great for travel or home & is the perfect way to keep your brain focused and your hands busy! For children & adults! Designed for sensory & learning through tactile play for special needs children & adults too.

Suitable for children aged 3+ only, there are small parts in this kit & parental supervision is highly recommended, please be aware with excessive force items can of course break, so please take care when playing with certain items in this kit. Styles and colours of each item may vary.