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KeepEmQuiet®️ Travel Activity Tray


We are delighted to introduce our new KeepEmQuiet®️ Travel Activity Tray, to help keep your children entertained whilst on long car journeys, plane trips, train journeys, or anywhere they need a sturdy, portable surface to doodle, play & snack!

Our KeepEmQuiet®️ Travel Activity Tray play table provides a sturdy, flat and erasable surface and an all in one organiser for all their things whilst travelling. It is ideal for all on-the-go activities such as drawing, reading, colouring, snacking, or playing with toys. Designed to kids happy, engaged, and busy during long road trips, train journeys, and of course on flights.

There is a transparent surface on the tray where you can slip your activity sheets (included) underneath and use the erasable markers (also included) to colour, doodle, or draw - then simply use the eraser on the end of the marker to erase your work and start all over again. You can even tear out colouring pages from their other favourite colouring books or print off activities to slip underneath.

There is ample storage and mesh pockets for all their favourite toys, plus a transparent tablet holder to keep the iPad or tablet upright and sturdy whilst on the move. There is a zip compartment on the back to keep their drawings too.

Sits on the lap of your child once their seatbelt is done up.


  • Transparent surface to doodle and wipe away
  • Lots of mesh compartments to kit their tray out with their favourite things
  • Tablet holder
  • 4 activity & colouring sheets
  • 3 different coloured dry wipe markers with erasers
  • Adjustable carry strap 
  • Zip-up storage compartment
  • Dimensions 30cm x 38cm approx
  • Easy to clean wipe down material
  • Great for toddlers & older children

Tablet & toys not included.



Customer Reviews

Based on 27 reviews
Danielle Stephenson
Great product for little artists!

Brilliant idea and our little girl was chuffed to be able to draw to her hearts content in the car! It’s perhaps not designed for extended rear-facers, as it had to sit across her knees, but it’s nice and light and she didn’t seem bothered by that. And we expect to be able to use it on lots of types of trips in the future!

Beverley Pugh9 (Telford, GB)
Absolutely brilliant

I bought the Travel Activity Tray for my 2 year old grandson as we had a four hour plane journey. I would give this item 10 stars if I could. Perfectly fitted over the seat tray so all his toys and snacks were kept together. His tablet fitted in really well too. It also folds away neatly for ease of carriage. Highly recommended.

Samantha Wood (Barnsley, GB)

My twins absolutely love the activity trays. I get them fir our holiday but they wanted to try them out early. They use them for drawing, playing games together, and just somewhere to put his tablet.
Well done Keepemquiet!

Vicki Kisiel (Yateley, GB)
This is soooooo good

Goodbye boring car journeys. Hello quiet and contented kids. This activity tray is brilliant. I’ve bought two and both kids love them. The wipe clean tray is genius!!

Jayne (Colchester, GB)
Great fun for long trips

The kids already loved the keep em quiet packs/bags, which we take everywhere, holidays, resturants and visiting family. The trouble was on long drives they had no surface to draw or do the other activities in the car. So when we saw these travel activity trays we had to get one each for the kids. The trays ate really easy to set up. The kids love the activity sheets and so great that it has plastic screen and erasable pens that they can rub out and reuse. The great thing it can fold away flat and has storage to take some of their other fun items from their keep em quiet packs and faviourite toys. The real test is when go to Cornwall camping and finally visit and reunite with family. These will be a permenant feature in our car. The kids simply rate these as "GREAT". I can highly rate the customer service too-really friendly and willing to go above and beyond to help.