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Travelling with Toddlers: 4 Must-Have Tools and Toys to Bring

August 04, 2022

Travelling with Toddlers: 4 Must-Have Tools and Toys to Bring

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Travel and tourism in the UK has started to grow after the past two years. Over 6.1 million residents went abroad in the third quarter of 2021 alone, and though this is 76% less than the numbers recorded in 2019, it shows that people are starting to be more comfortable with travelling. Aside from visiting other countries, many residents have also gone on domestic holidays, visiting places such as the beautiful coast of Wales, or the rolling hills of the Scottish Highlands.

Many travellers aren’t alone on their trips, with parents opting to take their children along with them on holiday, especially after a long time cooped up indoors. While it is easier to travel with older children, this may not always be the case for younger kids such as toddlers. It is important to pack the essentials to ensure that the trip will go as smoothly as possible for everyone.

When travelling with a toddler, here are five must-haves that you can bring with you:

  1. Rideable suitcase

Going to bustling airports can be difficult when you have a toddler as they get tired. It will also be taxing to have to carry them around when seating isn’t readily available. To combat this, you can opt to bring a rideable suitcase. These bags, which also function as carry-on luggage, can also serve as a portable seat for your toddler to use. They can ride around it in emptier areas of an airport, or you can pull it as you would any roller bag. These functional devices will not only hold things your child might need, but also keep them entertained before boarding your flight.

rideable suitcases for children jetkids trunki zinc flyte

  1. Pram

Prams are functional tools you can take with you on your holiday. For many, travelling means a lot of walking and physical activity that may leave your child exhausted. It won’t be ideal to carry them in your arms for long periods of time, so having a pram will give you (and them) a way to rest. Even if you have more than one child, there are functional prams that are designed to make travelling easier. The double prams from iCandy showcase how high-end models are ideal for parents with a baby and a toddler. As these are designed as tandem double prams, one child sits behind the other for easy manoeuvrability through doorways and public transport. When your child isn’t in the pram, they can also be used to hold heavy items like shopping bags. They are ideal and convenient to use – especially for parents with toddlers.

  1. Books

When confined on a plane, it is important for your little one to stay entertained. This will prevent them from becoming too fussy and throwing a tantrum. Books are a great distraction, as there are many kinds available, which you can easily slip in your bag. Our KeepEmQuiet Entertainment Pack holds a variety of colouring books, as well as colouring supplies, so your child will be engaged throughout the duration of your travel. You can also bring story books with you so they can transport themselves to a new environment — using only their imagination. Or if your little one is younger try these interactive soft fabric books from Oskar & Ellen

  1. Sensory toys

If your kids aren’t into reading, you should make sure to pack some of their favourite sensory toys to keep them engaged and entertained – whether you’re on a flight or on a drive. Our Sensory Fidget Kit is equipped with 9 different fidget activities such as a Simple Dimple, pop its, and sensory slime, making it perfect to keep children distracted. You can also opt to bring their favourite figurines with them so they can engage their imaginations. 

sensory fidget kit fidgettoys

Having the right tools and toys are important to make sure travelling with your toddler goes as smooth as possible. Bringing along certain tools can make it easier for you to bring them around different places, while books or toys can keep your tots entertained — ensuring you all will have an enjoyable, fuss-free holiday!

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