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What's Inside Our KeepEmQuiet® Entertainment Packs?

January 06, 2020

What's Inside Our KeepEmQuiet® Entertainment Packs?

Hello readers, Dan here the co-founder of KeepEmQuiet®! I wanted to showcase what's in our famous and award-winning travel entertainment packs for kids and what better way to do this than a video! So, I and my son Dylan have made a short video 'unboxing' Dylan's pack. This pack is for a 6-7yr old boy and is crammed full of fun things to keep him entertained on his travels.

As always our KeepEmQuiet® packs are full of all the things you would normally have to run around the shops and purchase yourself. Who has time for that?! We've gone hunting around for the best and engaging items from all over the globe so you don't have to and at a fraction of the cost of doing it yourself! All our items have been tried and tested by hundreds of thousands of children worldwide!

Generally included in our packs are colouring sets, sticker albums, crafts, educational workbooks, collectibles, famous character licensed toys, travel games and a range of healthy snacks. Every pack is different and they can be used for all types of travel (as well as for rainy days, parties, weddings and any other time you need to keep the kids entertained without the use of screens!)

Watch Dylan and myself open up one of our famous 'blue bags' to see what's inside!

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