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Travel Items We Cant Live Without

September 09, 2016

Travel Items We Cant Live Without

Travelling with kids can be one of the most daunting experiences as a new parent, and then as you expand your family, this daunting feeling increases! Taxi journeys, navigating airports, queues, flights and delays...the list goes on! The stress of travelling is what gave birth to the idea of Keep Em Quiet but we have found these items are also MUST HAVE essentials to make the trip that bit less bumpy. 

Sling - We love our WeMadeMe sling, but there are so many fantastic slings out there now. This is a godsend in airports. When we had our son only we would check in the buggy and use the sling until we were on the aeroplane. And once we had our daughter too, before we started travelling with a double buggy, this was a life saviour, so our son could go in the buggy. The walk to the gate can often be a hike (especially if you are travelling from Gatwick) so we never travel without a sling whilst we have little ones. 

Massive Muslins - Travelling can be so incredibly messy with little ones. In the baby age there are explosions, vomiting incidents, mushy mess if weaned - and with toddlers, the mess just carries on and on and on. We found the Aden & Anais large muslins are travelling essentials. They also double up as breastfeeding covers if you are feeding, and a sun shade for sleeping little ones (although next on our list is the real deal!)

Snooze Shade - This was the best twenty pounds we may have spent when we had our firstborn. I swear by it being the reason he napped so well in his buggy and car seat when we were out. It is a breathable mesh UV protection cover which helps to blackout the light when they sleep. If you are off on a sunny adventure this is amazing, especially when they are very small and naps are a big part of your day, so you can enjoy some sunshine while they sleep next you fully protected. 

Suncream - Having done quite extensive research on Suncreams as my son had sensitive skin and eczema, I have found that Sun Sense  is the best brand to use on our babies sensitive skin. It is pricey but worth it when they are all new and precious - I wanted to be putting the best product on them that I could find. 

With these essentials and our travel packs (plus nappies, milk, more clothes than your kids will ever wear! your whole medicine cabinet if you are anything like us) you are good to go! Hopefully, the bumps will just come from the turbulence. 

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