Put together your own survival kit and combat the enemy: BOREDOM.

April 01, 2020

Put together your own survival kit and combat the enemy: BOREDOM.

These crazy times require all the backup you can get!

Here at KeepEmQuiet, we know kids, and we’ve got your back!

With lots of you on triple duty: working, parenting, and teaching from home - getting into a daily routine is key.

You need A LOT of activities..

Our Entertainment Packs are full of ideas to keep them occupied and away from screens. We’ve handpicked a perfect mix of toys, books, educational items, and games to keep your child entertained.

Easily schedule another block of time into their day.

We have also carefully curated a new range of stand-alone Home Activity products so you can have an army of products at your disposal to whip out to stave off boredom when it strikes! The perfect selection, which coupled with your KeepEmQuiet entertainment packs, will make sure you are fully equipped!

The items in this limited collection are products such as crafts kits such as this super cool Unicorn Scrapbook Kit,

crafts kits home school hobbycraft ideas for home

make-your-own (think, painting tea sets, make your own jewellery boxes etc), family games such as a take on Twister, toys for the home my favourite being this super cool Glow In Dark Racing Track and...bath toys

home games racing track hover ball marble run twister


The entire 'Home Activity Products'  collection can be seen HERE

edcuational workbooks for preschool learning easle homeschooling

We also have been inundated with requests to stock some more educational items too. Our KeepEmQuiet entertainment packs generally always include an educational item, but it always helps to have a back up especially now you are effectively homeschooling! So we have a wide range of educational workbooks, resource books such as encyclopaedias and some fun things like puzzle clocks & a 2-in-1 magnetic/chalkboard learning easel.

learning resources offschool atlas encyclopedia

The entire 'Home School Products' range can be seen HERE

We carry age-appropriate products for boys and girls of all ages. Just select from the options on our site, and we put it all together for you.

And how about encouraging exercise that DOESN'T wreck the house? Get them a set of our super comfy Character Headphones, and host a silent dance party for your kids! These are hilarious to watch, we highly recommend. 😹

With so many cute designs to choose from, your little one will be super excited to listen to music kitted out in their favourite character.

Enjoy the quiet (for a while)!

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