Life Lessons My Kids Have Taught Me

Life Lessons My Kids Have Taught Me

This blog was going to be very different. I spent all week pouring my heart into writing a letter to my Mummy. She may not be physically with me anymore but I wanted to share with her all she taught me, that really has shown itself to me with such force since becoming a mother myself. In all those quiet moments with my babies my mind would drift to the thought that my own Mum had held me just like this, sung me lullabies and cared for me with every fibre of her being. So I wanted to thank her for all the life lessons she taught me, and hoped that by writing it down perhaps she may see it on her journey.

But it has disappeared. Completely wiped clean from my computer. Everything else is in tact but this one blog, this one letter, has disappeared. My first reaction was shock, grief and anger that this had happened. And then the realisation kicked in that this was the only document gone from my computer. This could just be coincidence or perhaps it is something greater. Perhaps if you are a believer like me, the letter was received by the recipient and that person did not want it shared.
And so it leaves me blogless for what is one of the most magical, heartbreaking, bittersweet and special days of the year for me since becoming a Mummy without a Mummy.

I have no time to write a well thought out piece. But what I do have time to say is instead of writing a letter to my mummy thanking her for all she taught me (which is pretty much everything I know anyway) I thought I would thank my kids for some of the many things they have shown me in the 4 years since I was thrust into this world of motherhood with little clue whatsoever what I was doing along the way.

They teach me how to love - My children are my greatest love story and I'm a hopeless romantic Every day I fall more deeply in love with them and my heart experiences emotions I never thought possible. Elizabeth Stone once said “Making the decision to have a baby is momentous. It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking around outside your body.” My heart has well and truly gone for a walk with these two explorative, inquisitive, loving little people.

They teach me to have patience - Children are testing. They go through very difficult phases from the moment they are handed to you - growth spurts, fussy eating, not sleeping, not listening, tantrums, you name it we’ve had it by the bucket load. But they are tiny little people who are navigating their way through this pretty scary world with us for guidance, and so if I can (and this is most definitely not always!) I try to remain calm and patient and help them through their phase.

They teach me to relive my childhood. One of the most amazing things about becoming a parent is all the fun you get to have as an adult doing all the things you did as a child. Playing with the nostalgic toys (anyone remember magic bubbles?), watching the childhood classics and using your imagination again. Kids are creative geniuses and we can all learn so much from them. I’m finally understanding the phrase “Youth is wasted on the young”. It’s far too late in life that you understand the true magic in being a child.

They teach me the importance of sleep. Mother’s with older children please answer me this…do you ever get to sleep like you did pre children? Ever again? Sleep is a favourite topic of all parents and I totally get why. You have children and you never get to go to sleep knowing you are in control. Your sleep can be disturbed at any time and for any reason. So get it whenever you can and enjoy those peaceful nights that are uninterrupted because who knows what the next night has in store (This is particularly of importance today as my son decided to wake at 4am this morning for a plaster for his thumb and never went back to sleep!)

Most importantly they teach me the importance of living every day to the full. This morning we were at the park and the kids were on the swings. My son screamed “This is the best day ever”. What more do I need them to teach me than this? That it is the simple things that give the most enjoyment. With kids you can take things slow, discover the seasons, go on walks to find the blossoming flowers, hunt for treasure, jump in a puddle, build a den, play hide n seek. Every day holds such wonder seen through small eyes making it even more wonderful.

My Mummy taught me so much - life lessons I strive to teach my children every day. But it is my children that remind me just how much this world has to offer and to find joy in each day. In a world where 7 years ago I wasn’t sure how to breathe the air on this planet without my Mum here breathing it too, it is refreshing to feel so whole again. A broken mirror superglued back together, the same reflection but changed forever too. May they continue to teach me, guide me and make me proud of the reflection looking back at me.

And to all you Mummy’s, sleep deprived, juggling all the balls, balancing all the plates, or holding it all together pretty amazingly, you are doing a great job. Just remember that - push aside the guilty feelings that plague parents continuously and look at those little faces wishing you a Happy Mother’s Day and know that you are doing your best without a go to guide. Happy Mother’s Day!
Carly Moosah


Carly Moosah

No wonder I am your proud mother in law xxxxx

Carly Moosah

I look forward to your beautiful monthly blog arriving in my in box xoxo xoxo just magical!

Carly Moosah

Wow what great words

Carly Moosah

I absolutley love this! Thank you for sharing. Xxx

Carly Moosah

well this is the best thing i’ve read. Love it and love you xxx

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