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Activity Packs for Kids on Planes – Flying Comfortably

October 12, 2020

Activity Packs for Kids on Planes – Flying Comfortably


Plane Activities for Toddlers & Kids Keeping kids entertained

You’ve probably had the urge to complain about a parent or their child onboard a plane just because their child wouldn’t stop crying or screaming or kicking your seat at least once. In that moment, almost everyone vows that “I’m not going to be such an THAT parent.” After all, how hard could keeping kids entertained on planes be, right?

As a parent, let us tell you that it’s actually MUCH harder than many would think. You need to be prepared to entertain them for the duration of the flight with various activities, which takes time and effort. The trick is to make sure they stay in their seat and relatively quiet for the duration. Relatively. After all, the aim is to make sure they are happy and entertained so they don't want to get up and run round the plane!

Here, we shall discuss some plane activities for toddlers or children that they can engage in while in the air and heading toward staycations.

So, let’s take off!

Fun Activities for Kids on Planes

Puzzles & Home Schooling – A Shiatsu Message for Their Brains

Home schooling games, or should we say plane schooling games, are the perfect way to strike two birds with one stone. Your kids get to learn and you get to not-get-embarrassed at the same time! An Atlas is our go-to choice to entertain children on airplanes, since you’re travelling already.

They might ask a question or two occasionally, but that’s a good thing, isn’t it? The more they ask, the more they learn.

And then there are the puzzles. From fairy princesses to a small puzzle clock, they all will help keep your child busy throughout the flight. Just make sure you don’t lose any pieces!

If your child wants to sleep mid-flight, you can always use one of those two-in-one travel pillows for kids to keep them entertained even after they wake up!

Small Indoor Games – A Toy for Toddlers to Chew On

Whether you’re looking for plane activities for toddlers or for an older child, you simply can’t go wrong with new toys and activities, especially if they are a surprise! There are some for which you’ll need a bit more space, such as a dinosaur rock house or castle, but a simple fabric book, a magician set, or the all-time favourite, UNO will do the trick and its fun for the whole family!

Speaking of space, nobody loves to have more room to extend their legs or even lie down during the flight more than kids. Our Plane Pal Seat Extenders can do the trick by making sure their feet don’t drop when sleeping. The seat becomes a mid-air bed and is approved for use by over 50 ailrines including most of the major ones, most recently Virgin Atlantic gave it the green light for use on board as seen here

Arts & Crafts

Unfortunately, a plane is no place for messy toys, but that doesn’t mean your child can’t get creative. From suitcase "scooters" (for the terminal and for their hand luggage) all the way to small, versatile art desks or scrap books, you can take them up in the skies and let them make things up from the confines of their seat. For good measure, seat them next to the window.

You can give them a flight log book designed specifically for this occasion to record their thoughts and feelings and be more creative with the pen and paper, which can even be signed by the captain (cabin crew are always accomodating and most of them love these little books)

For those of you who want to give your child a myriad of choices in-flight – or simply want to be extra cautious and well-prepared – you can find our very popular and award-winning complete age-specific KeepEmQuiet entertainment packs for use in flight! These are our biggest selling product and how we began our company, choose your gender and size and we'll ship you a bag full of surprises for use on the flight and on the trip itself, chidlren love to wear the rucksacks down to the pool or beach, use the activities in the room or when at a restaurant and then have a new pack of items for the way home!

The world gets smaller when you’re high in the sky, stuck in a pressurized container. When you’re feeling enclosed, imagine how your children must be feeling. Just remember to be patient with them, pack a few extra goodies in their bag (along with lots of snacks) to keep children and toddlers entertained throughout the flight, and you won’t have much to be embarrassed about.

We recommend you have a look at our store to find a toy or activity suitable for your child, or get in touch and we’ll help you find some!

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