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Plane Pal - The Airplane Seat Extender - Full Kit (With Pump)


"Life saver. We had an 11 hour flight with our 3 year old and 5 month old and plane pal was a life saver. Easy to inflate and my toddler slept great on it" - Olivia.L - KeepEmQuiet.com customer



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KeepEmQuiet.com is now the official and exclusive distributor for Plane Pal, we are thrilled to offer this amazing inflatable airplane seat extender to aid your family travel woes. 

Plane Pal is a custom-designed inflatable cushion that fills the space on-board between your child’s seat and the seat in front.

Made from high-quality nylon, Plane Pal is light-weight, compact and is easy to inflate and deflate & comes with a handy portable hand pump for easy inflation.

Plane Pal has been tested under altitude pressure by a CASA certified aviation safety expert. Plane Pal has also been reviewed by the EASA & IATA and deemed safe for onboard use.

How does it work? 

Plane Pal allows you to use the previously wasted space between your child’s seat and the seat in front. It creates a flat surface for your child to either extend their legs on and remain sitting upright in order to continue playing with their KeepEmQuiet travel packs or to lay flat and (hopefully) sleep.



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The following airlines have advised via their customer service that they allow Plane Pal (there may well be more, but these are the ones that have given the official OK - it is your responsibility to check with your airline before traveling): 

Below is a list of airlines that have officially approved Plane Pal's use via their customer services - there are many more which it is allowed on but they haven't given a yes or no answer: 

Aegean Airlines

Aer Lingus

Air Asia

Air Asia Japan

Air Europa

Air India

Air Japan

Air Vanuatu

Alaska Airlines

All Nippon Airways (ANA)

Alliance Airlines

American Airlines

Cathay Dragon

Cathay Pacific

Cebu Pacific

China Airlines

China Eastern

China Southern

Delta Air Lines

Easy Jet

Eva Air

Etihad Airways

Fin Air

Garuda Indonesia

Hong Kong Airlines

Iberia Airlines

Iceland Air

Japan Airlines


Jetstar Pacific

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines

Latam Airlines

Lux Air

Malaysia Airlines

Malindo Air

Norwegian Air

Oman Air

Peach Aviation

Philippine Airlines

Royal Jordanian Airlines

Samoa Airlines

Scandinavian Airways


Silk Air

Singapore Airlines


Swiss Air

Thompson Air

Vanilla Air

Vietnam Airlines

Virgin America

Virgin Australia

Virgin Atlantic


Couldn't find your airline above? Don't panic. We probably haven't had a clear indication from the airline yet. We suggest you contact the airline directly.

VIRGIN ATLANTIC now OFFICIALLY APPROVES the use of Plane Pal, this is the only comfort aid to be approved for use onboard.

virgin atlantic approve use of planepal


Most airlines are happy to allow the safe use of Plane Pal as per our instructions:

  • Plane Pal is to be used in the window seat or the middle seat in the centre rows
  • Plane Pal is not to be used during take-off or landing
  • The child's seatbelt remains fastened at all times (you can request an infant extender belt to help with this)

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plane pal instructions


Remember: Plane Pal cannot be used during takeoff and landing as the aisles and exits must remain clear. Always follow any instructions given by the crew. Plane Pal is to be used where it will not obstruct other passengers.


Once the captain has turned off the seat belt sign after take off, unpack your Plane Pal and pump. With the large valves fully open, stretch out and fully expand your Plane Pal. Plane Pal will inflate much faster if fully expanded.

Ensure that the Plane Pal’s smaller (clear) valves are open. The larger (black) valves should be closed for inflation. They ensure the air cannot escape while you are inflating Plane Pal.

Step 1


Before inflating, place Plane Pal on the floor in-between your child’s seat and the seat in-front.

Plane Pal can be used in three different ways depending on the amount of space in front of the seat. On a budget airline (with limited space) use Plane Pal upside-down. On an airline with more available space, use Plane Pal right-way-up. In a bulkhead or bassinet row, use Plane Pal right-way-up and turn lengthways.

Step 2

Ensure the valves are placed on the aisle side so you can access them to inflate.

Plane Pal must be inflated to fill the space. DO NOT inflate it and attempt to squash it into the area.


Does Plane Pal fit your airline seat? YES! Sold by KeepEmQuiet.com

Plane Pal is designed to fit all airline seats, watch the video to see how we use it for all seats



To begin inflating, connect the hose to the two-way pump, and connect the larger of the two adaptors to the other end of the hose. Ignore the pointy adaptor (it’s good for inflating toys for the pool, but not Plane Pal!).

Step 3

Now plug the adaptor firmly into the black valve on the bottom section of Plane Pal. Using two hands fully extend and depress the pump. Plane Pal will start to inflate. Continue inflating until Plane Pal is firm, but has some give to provide comfort.

Repeat with the top section of Plane Pal. Once each section is inflated secure the clear valve plug.

You are now ready for your child to recline and snooze. Please remember to keep your child’s seatbelt fastened at all times in case of turbulence.

During extended long haul flights you may need to top up the air in your Plane Pal as changes in air pressure can cause contraction that decreases the volume of air.

Plane Pal FAQs

How Do I Inflate My Plane PalPlane Pal can be inflated manually by using the included hand-pump or by simply blowing it up.

How Long Does It Take To InflateInflation takes around 2–3 minutes and deflation about approximately 10 seconds.

What Is The Maximum Weight Capacity: 90 kg.

What Does The Plane Pal Weigh & What Are It's Dimensions:

Inflated the Plane Pal measures: 57cm x 47cm x 37cm and weighs 900 grams (0.9 kg).

A deflated Plane Pal stowed in the Plane Pal travel bag measures approx. 40cm x 16cm x 10cm.

The Plane Pal, hand-pump and travel bag weigh 1.3 kgs when packaged together.

Is The Plane Pal Allowed On All Airlines:

The advice from most airlines is that as long as the aisle and area between your seat and the seat in front remain clear during take-off and landing you are entitled to use an inflated cushion during the remainder of the flight. It is approved for use on over 50 airlines, there are some airlines however who haven't approved its use - customers have still reported using it on these airlines without issue, please read the reviews at the bottom of the page for more info.  We highly recommend contacting your airline carrier prior to purchasing to ensure they will allow its use if you are worried that they might not, however, we advise reading through our verified customer reviews too because customers have used the device on ALL airlines without issue (at their own risk)

Remember that Plane Pal is designed for all forms of travel including rail, buses, and cars.

Will Plane Pal Fit All Airline Seats:

Plane Pal is designed to fit most economy airlines and most standard, bus and train seats. Plane Pal is designed so that it has 2 sizes. It can be used upright or upside down to fit the space between your child’s seat and the seat in front.

flight aids travel hack fits all seats airplane beds traveling toddlers sleep plane

By inflating Plane Pal in position you can adjust the level of inflation to ensure a snug fit. 




For safety, Plane Pal is fitted with rapid deflate valves. Simply pull the larger black valves open and apply pressure to the top of Plane Pal. Once the valve is pulled, Plane Pal will deflate in a matter of seconds.

To pack Plane Pal away simply roll it up starting at the end with no valves. Once rolled secure with the velcro strap and place inside your Plane Pal bag.




flylegs up plane pal flight aid

To avoid disappointment: please inflate the Plane Pal at home prior to travel as soon as you receive it - so that if there is a fault/puncture (less than 1% of the time) you will know about it before you attempt to use it on board and we can send a replacement.

Only ever inflate your Plane Pal to around 85% - it's not supposed to be inflated to the point where it's very tight and not possible to get more air in, that would mean it's overinflated and could cause it to split.





Customer Reviews

Based on 87 reviews
Yoko DeGolier (Lancing, GB)
Wouldn’t travel long haul flight without Plane Pal!

This was such a lifesaver for us! I and my 16months old daughter travelled 12 hour flight to Japan & Back with this amazing invention. My daughter managed to sleep 8 hours straight on the outbound and 6 hours inbound. The only reason I only give 4 star is that when blowing up it whistles quite loud and the pump adaptor doesn’t quite fit/click on tight to the valve so I had to keep one hand holding the adapter and use the other hand and a foot to pump it up. Maybe I didn’t use the right way but couldn’t find any better solution. Also the pump is quite large and it takes up quite a large space of your carry on bag. But once it is inflated it’s absolutely perfect. I wouldn’t travel long haul flights without Plane Pal! Highly recommend it.

Sarah Arrowsmith (Port Coquitlam, CA)
Best purchase ever

First flight with 2.5 year old and 11 month.... 8 hour flight and they both slept side by side! Hoorah!

Carina Truman (Leeton, AU)
Plane pal

We bought the plane pal for our trip to oz. this was an absolute life saver. Our little boy is a tall 3yr old and he curled up nicely on he chair and slept perfectly.

Tarryn Banks (Ayr, GB)
Highly recommend

Bought this for our trip to South Africa with our 3 year old. Made the journey so much more comfortable for her. She fell asleep on the long flight (after 2 short hauls and lots of delays) before takeoff and once we were in the air my husband just popped the cushion in place and inflated it and she didn’t even notice. Meant she didn’t have to sleep in a fully upright position all night and gave her more room to snuggle down. She slept a full 7 hours on our return journey. Easy to use, fitted easily into a small carry on wheely case with room for more stuff. It was easy to get back in its bag at the end of the journey too which is always a plus in my book. With a blanket on, no one even noticed it was there. Highly recommend it, one of my favourite travel gadgets for sure

Michelle Martin (Mumbai, IN)
Worked well

Light and didn’t take up much room to carry on board. Inflated much much quicker than I expected. My 4.5 year old slept for 7 hours on the TUI plane to Goa so it was money well spent in my book! I inflated it after we’d been airbourne for about 15 mins and while airline staff were busy elsewhere. It was then more or less easy to disguise with a blanket over the top in case anyone might have questioned it - no-one did :-)

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