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Halloween Essentials Kit



In VERY limited quantities, we are frighteningly happy to bring back our Halloween Essentials Kit! This special limited edition kit contains all the spooky essentials you need for the scary day. No more rushing around last minute to overpriced party stores, get it all in advance in plenty of time for trick or treating.


2x Trick Or Treat Bags

1x Can Of Silly String

1x Pumpkin Carving Set

1x Pack of 2 Pumpkin Shaped Tealights (to light up your pumpkin safely!)

1x Tube Of Fake Blood

1x Bumper Family Makeup/Facepaint Kit which includes:

  • 1x Face Cream, 1x Blood, 1x Nail Polish
  • 1x Swab, 2 x Sponges, 4x Facepaint Crayons, 1 x 8 Colour Paint Tray

1x 15pc Glow Stick Pack In Assorted Colours

Please note this is in extremely limited quantities!