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Warrior Woman vs Worrier Woman

Warrior Woman vs Worrier Woman

I have a confession. I have agreed to take part in something that is so incredibly unme, totally out of my comfort zone and sending me into a state of panic and sweats each time I think about it. But I have agreed because I am so incredibly passionate about the topic. This week I am going to attempt to find my inner warrior woman!


If you are unfamiliar with Natalie at StyleMeSunday's campaigns then let me fill you. Natalie is helping women feel empowered and more confident through her Warrior Women Campaigns. Through exposing your vulnerable side you can find a strength you may not have realised existed. And now she is campaigning for body confidence. The Internet has been on fire recently with absolutely beautiful women showing their bodies with all their curves, lumps and bumps, telling the world it is ok to not have the 'perfect' body, but what is not ok is to not love yourself and your body. 

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I've been liking every picture and admired all the women posting their bikini, underwear and body shots. But I haven't been able to bring myself to join in as much as I've been blown away by the posts. Because the truth is I am not, and have never been body confident. As a child I was not petite, I was the clumsy uncoordinated kid who wanted so badly to be a dainty ballerina. As a teenager I developed an eating disorder which filled many of my teenage years with calorie counting, obsessing, exercising and loathing myself and my body. I know this was not solely because of a lack of body confidence that this developed but it most definitely had a part to play. During my twenties, I was never able to walk around confidently in a bikini. If I look back at pictures now I want to shake that twenty-something and say, stop being ridiculous. Funnily enough, I actually become body confident when pregnant. I'm less hard on myself and enjoy the changing shape and the firmer tummy. 


So why have I agreed to take part in a shoot this week to hurl me out of my comfort zone? Along with so many incredible women I am going to try and love my curves this Friday and promote this powerful message. A part of me is in complete denial and is going to send an alter ego along I'm thinking. A part of me wants to be proud of myself and dare I say it, perhaps like the pictures that might be taken? But most importantly I want to be brave for my kids. I never want them to be unconfident in their own skin like I have been. They couldn't care less about my wobbly bits and so I'm going to try my absolute hardest to not care as much too. 


Teaching my children to be confident, and body confident, is one of my top priorities. To feel assured in themselves and not self-conscious. And the only way I can teach this to them is to teach this to myself first. Wish me luck, I am definitely going to need it. Part 2 of my body confidence blog to follow after the shoot. 


Lots of love, and a whole bag of nerves, 




Carly Moosah


Carly Moosah

Great stuff Carly and Good Luck with the shoot! You are an inspiration to us all xxx

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