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Wanderlust Wednesdays with... Harriet from Space Masks

January 16, 2019

Wanderlust Wednesdays with... Harriet from Space Masks

Meet the face behind the epic Space Masks that we stock on KeepEmQuiet. Harriet is one of those people that you just want to spend more time with, and it is never enough when you do. She is warm just like her magical Space Masks, magnetic and hilarious. She makes parenting four girls (that's right...FOUR!) look easy and is helping so many other parents and tired humans sleep better with her incredible product. If you haven't tried a Space Mask you don't know what you are missing. Over to you Harriet...
1) What is your favourite holiday destination for you and/or your family?
It used to be Cornwall but now the girls are a bit older (8,10,13,15), they’re less interested in rock pools and sandcastles and more interested in sun loungers and wifi speed.
2) What is your top tip for packing?
Pack laundry bags. Then when you get home, clean stuff goes upstairs and dirty stuff goes downstairs.

3) What is your biggest travel disaster with kids?

I forgot to pack my knickers one year. I ordered some from M&S and when the postman rang the doorbell with my parcel, the girls all shouted, “Mummy, your knickers are here!”

4) What is your dream holiday destination on the bucket list?
Don’t call me smug but we’ve just been on our dream holiday; Japan. It did not disappoint.
5) What is your must have item that you never travel without? 
My sponge bag that weighs about 6kg.
6) What is your top pre-holiday beauty preparation tip? 
I don’t really have any. Never scrimp on suncream?
7) What is your perfect way to unwind on holiday?
I always do my best to book a facial or massage wherever I go.
8) What song always reminds you of holiday?
We all have very different taste in music but Squeeze makes us all feel happy.
9) What is your best holiday read?
10) When the kids are quiet on holiday you can be found…?
Sleeping, in bed.


Long haul or Short haul 

long haul


City break or Beach break



Hotel or Villa



Bikini or Swimsuit

Swimsuit probably


Cocktail or Wine



Thriller novel or Romantic novel



Holiday workouts or Let it all hang out

Let it all hang out


Packing cubes or Packing mayhem



Sunkissed skin or English rose

English rose


Holiday sitters or late nights out with the kids

Late nights out with the kids 

Be sure to follow Harriet and her hilarious stories on Instagram @spacemasks


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