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Wanderlust Wednesdays with...Jenny from Mamazou

February 06, 2019

Wanderlust Wednesdays with...Jenny from Mamazou

I am lucky enough to call Jenny one of my really good friends. She is also the founder of the inclusive, wonderful parenting platform Mamazou, who's ethos is that all parents are "Perfectly Imperfect" and there is no judgement to be had. Jenny is also our partner in crime for our Keep Em Quiet x Mamazou events, and a huge support to all in the community of Mamazou and beyond. I know I for one find her support invaluable. Mummy to gorgeous H and capturing their parenting journey together through beautiful images and honest words on Instagram. Over to you Jenny...
1) What is your favourite holiday destination for you and/or your family?

Greece, hands down.  It seems to be our home away from home.  Great food, good weather, stunning back drops and only 3 hours from the UK.  What more can you ask for?!

2) What is your top tip for packing?

Don’t do what I do.  I’m a super last minute packer and tend to just throw (I mean, fold nicely) everything in.

3) What is your biggest travel disaster with kids?

I was going to say the time H had a Poonami and whilst she had a change of clothes, I didn’t but I’d have to say our last trip is a close contender too.

We were headed to Cyprus and our flight was delayed 2 hours.  Once we got onto our plane, they found there was a fault so we had to move to another one.  Another hour delay.  We then had a 4.5 hour flight.  The last hour of it was my worst nightmare.  Terrible turbulance and I’m not the best of flyers.  The plane literally dropped from the sky repeatedly and I screamed… repeatedly.  I’ll never forget how much H laughed at me, she found the whole thing hilarious.

4) What is your dream holiday destination on the bucket list?

The Maldives
5) What is your must have item that you never travel without? 
My hair straighteners
6) What is your top pre-holiday beauty preparation tip? 
I always have a mani / pedi before I go away, helps me de-stress and take my mind away from all the things I have to do in the lead up to a trip…
7) What is your perfect way to unwind on holiday?
Sipping a Pina Colada whilst watching the sun go down on a sunbed ;-)
8) What song always reminds you of holiday?
9) What is your best holiday read?
Anything Marian Keyes – I love her writing style and her books are so easy to read.
10) When the kids are quiet on holiday you can be found…?


Long haul or Short haul 

 Long haul 


City break or Beach break

Beach break 



Hotel or Villa


 Hotel (I've always wanted to try a villa)


Bikini or Swimsuit




Cocktail or Wine



Thriller novel or Romantic novel

 Romantic novel


Holiday workouts or Let it all hang out


Let it all hang out



Packing cubes or Packing mayhem

 What's a packing cube


Sunkissed skin or English rose

 Sunkissed skin


Holiday sitters or late nights out with the kids


 Late nights out



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@mamazouu (Twitter)


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