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Top 6 Tips On Taking A Road Trip With The Kids

March 10, 2021

Top 6 Tips On Taking A Road Trip With The Kids

Top 6 Tips On Taking A Road Trip With The Kids

There is no better holiday fun than camping under the stars, firing up the barby and hitting the beach with the boogie boards...here we talk to Ed Bassett, co-founder at Camptoo and Dan Moosah, Founder of www.keepemquiet.com about the top 6 ways to entertain the kids and get organised on a camper road trip.

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Tip 1 – Find A Family-friendly Camper/Motorhome

A camper offers convenience and relaxation for your whole family but you need one fit for purpose with enough beds, maybe a toilet option and the right equipment like this portable camping fridge to enjoy your trip. While you’re on the road, the kids can play a game at the table or enjoy their tasty sandwich. As soon as you arrive at your destination of choice, the kids can go straight outside to play in nature while you can relax in your camping chairs, enjoy the view or pump up the paddle board. A holiday with a motorhome or campervan will be an unforgettable experience for you and your kids. Find your camper suitable for families here

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We should also suggest road safety devices here, whatever the age of your child, make sure you have the appropriate car seat or booster seat handy. Some brands that spring to mind are Mifold, the fold-able car booster seat & Bubblebum, the infltable car booster seat - both of these stow away into a neat package so don't take up too much room, they are both available here


foldable inflatable car booster seats

Tip 2 – Plan Ahead

Once you’ve booked the camper or motorhome the next step is deciding where you want to go of course and how many stops you might want and which activities you fancy doing as a family. This is often the challenging part as you need to consider costs, booking campsites and tickets ahead, thinking about packed lunches, the weather and everything that involves managing a family. Planning HELPS!

We recommend you check out some of Camptoo’s Roadtrip ideas here or if you are looking for an activity such as learning to surf, kayaking, wild camping and more check out our partners at Call to Adventure who provide great activity option.

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Tip 3 – Pack The Right Stuff For The Family

From entertainment to sleep, you are going to need to think carefully about what you take along with you. Think smart! You haven’t got all the space in the world! The first recommendation we want to make is you simply have to check out this packing range – everything from packing cubes (in different sizes and colours – to differentiate the family’s things) to dirty laundry bags & waterproof packing pouches to avoid leaks.

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KeepEmQuiet.com have simply everything for traveling as a family. There are lots of little things you might forget, safety items, food storage solutions, even road trip entertainment for the children (did anyone forget the mosquito repellent – not ideal if you’re stick in the middle of a campsite!). A quick tip is to use their curated Travel section as a checklist, then you won’t forget what to pack. Here you will find gadgets to make packing for your family easier but also all the necessities needed to make your camping experience more comfortable.

Tip 4 - Packing For Pets

A lot of family’s decide to take their family dog on the road trip too. So you’ll need some dog essentials too, WaggyCaddy.com provide everything you could possibly need for a road trip with your pooch. Their very clever Carryall bag is basically a suitcase for dogs, compartments for everything, it’s waterproof, insulated and keeps everything tidy, neat & organized instead of rolling around the boot. It comes complete with collapsible travel bowls, kibble bags and it even slots over your suitcase. Their Full Kit comes with all sorts of necessities for travel, which include dog seatbelts, travel water bottles, collar bells, blankets, wipes, treats, toys, poo bags – 19 essential items for pups! If you want to purchase items individually they have a few of the items available for sale separately too.

The WaggyCaddy is pictured:


Tip 5 – Pack For The Weather

Depending on where you are, the weather in the UK can always be tricky, one minute the sun shines the next it’s raining cats & dogs. Make sure you pack ponchos, umbrellas, waterproofs and wellies – but when the sun comes out you’ll need a completely different wardrobe to change into, much like a bride at a wedding – multiple changes of outfit are necessary! Whatever the weather, if you’re near water and with your children, please make sure you take the appropriate water safety products with you, including swimming aids like Puddle Jumpers or Konfidence Swimming Jackets. If you’re near rocks, pebbles and want to keep the children’s feet safe from splinters, cuts and even…jellyfish (depending on where you are of course), Slipfree shoes provide full protection for your kiddies feet (there are also adult sizes available). Also good for preventing slips on wet floors

 slipfree jelly shoes beach pool

Tip 6 – Be Flexible

Things change. So do holidays. Not everything will go smoothly so adapt a mindset of fun and expect some hiccups. Pack a first aid kit, plenty to do if it rains, the right clothes, be prepared! Remember trying something knew is not easy for many people so embrace the adventure and the unknown. If you have a positive mental attitude to the activities in or outside of your vehicle then the family will have also. You can make great memories on a camper holiday so go out and do it this Summer!


See our incredibly popular car travel activity tray here:



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