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The (MANY) Challenges Of Traveling With Kids (WE MADE A VIDEO!)

November 21, 2017

The (MANY) Challenges Of Traveling With Kids (WE MADE A VIDEO!)

It comes as no surprise that traveling with kids is certainly more stressful than taking a leisurely trip with your partner. There are so many variables in play when embarking on a trip with kids, I mean - think how hard it is when you need to go to the shops with 2 screaming children and the amount of planning and effort that even takes.

There are a plethora of things to consider; taxi is coming at 5.30am, everyone has to be dressed, fed and ready by 5am, have I packed the chargers, did we pack enough snacks, did I forget her milk, did we pack the nappies - did we even buy them, I think I saw them, have we got enough things to keep them occupied on the flight - the list is ENDLESS.

Now, obviously with enough planning, the above can be organised. An evergrowing checklist for all the important things can be made on your notes app on your phone and you can check it off as you go, but there will always be a margin for error like leaving behind sun lotion for example but generally with planning and time you should be good. But life gets in the way.

We created KeepEmQuiet to alleviate the need to run around shops hunting for things to keep the kids busy and entertained, we didn't want to have to spend hours scanning Amazon for overpriced items (Amazon used to be a place you could find a bargain its now on par with high street shop prices), we didn't have time to go to the high street being busy people and we hated the last minute desperation of purchasing things at the airport at inflated prices - those kid's magazines with a cheap toy on the front that falls apart as soon as you open it and magazine they don't actually read for £4.99, ring a bell? We wanted something convenient and affordable, full of engaging, quality items - that was a surprise for the kids, could continue to be used on holiday and we didn't want them in a plastic bag from Smith's (cue our reusable blue rucksacks they can also use as beach/pool bags etc). We also wanted something that turned up to our homes with a few clicks of a button. We feel that with our packs and small doses of screen-time your travels will be much smoother and it leaves you with one less thing to think about on your evergrowing travel checklist.

We then started to source other items to make traveling with kids easier such as the idea to stock the amazing PlanePal (the inflatable blow-up travel pillow for kids that essentially creates a bed for them or a leg stool for you!) and our range of fun character reversible travel neck pillows. Overall we feel like we have got you sorted as far as the entertainment side of the trip goes.

However, sadly we can't control the other aspects of traveling with kids (yet!). If any of the following has happened to you, we salute you (high fives) and if they haven't, we envy you (and prepare yourselves as it will happen).....

1) Vomiting - have you ever had your child projectile vomit over you and your neighbour at 40,000ft whilst sitting in the middle seat in economy surrounded by strangers. What a fabulous situation to be in!

2) Nappy explosions - made worse when teething (for odour reasons) and you forgot to pack an extra change of clothes in your hand luggage. Quite the fail there!

3) If you've been on a plane with a toddler, who has just started to walk, you'll feel us on this one. They WANT TO WALK and the fact you're in a flying, narrow metal tube with claustrophobic aisles, 40,000ft in the air isn't going to stop them. Being in a confined space is far from ideal with fidgety toddlers, but it's almost as though this is exactly how they want it, they want to walk more than ever!

4) Tantrums - the types of meltdowns when they haven't had enough to eat and are completely unreasonable, but this time you have 300 other people to share the wonderful experience with.

5) You forgot the iPad. We created KeepEmQuiet partly due to wanting to reduce screen-time and kid's like tangible items, but you do rely on it somewhat - forgetting it, like literally leaving it at home or packing into your hold luggage is a major schoolboy/girl error.

6) You remembered the iPad, but you forgot to charge it. Congratulations.

7) You have a fully charged iPad in your hand luggage (well done you), but you forgot to download their favourite show and they don't understand why they can't watch YouTube videos of other children opening surprise toy eggs - the Wifi doesn't work when you're up in the clouds.

8) They are exhausted because you've been up since 4.45am but 'overtired' they can't nap. Makes no sense at all, but IT'S HAPPENING.

We decided to get some of our friends to chime in and make a little video, mainly to make you laugh if you've ever been in one of the above situations! Enjoy!







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