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The Best Party Bag Fillers For Children

December 24, 2021

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Party bags for children have become somewhat of a tradition in the modern-day. Take your child to any one of their friend’s parties and they’re bound to return with a bag full of goodies.

Gone are the days where party bags used to comprise a piece of Victoria sponge and a paper party hat. Nowadays, party bags are taken very seriously! They’re full of the latest exciting toys for children to enjoy for weeks after the birthday party has ended.

Kids don’t just want plastic toys that will break after a week and sweets that will be gone within 30 seconds. They have much higher expectations for their party bags now. So much so, that the goody bag they get at the end of their friend’s birthday party is almost as exciting as the event itself.

If you’re currently planning the perfect party for your child, you’ve probably got a lot of things to organise. The venue, the invitation, and of course, you can’t forget the goody bags. 

Arranging a child’s birthday party can get expensive. It’s understandable if you’d rather skip the goody bag part and instead just focus on finding the perfect venue.

But goodie bags don’t have to be expensive! There are loads of cost-effective ways to fill up a bag of exciting bits and bobs for your child and their friends to enjoy.

Creating your own party bags is a great way to provide fidget toys for children to relieve anxiety (insert link to blog 5) and promote their physical, cognitive, and social development in a fun and creative way.

Did you know that KeepEmQuiet supplied the Royal Wedding with their party bags to keep the little guests entertained? So we know a few things about keeping kids happy at parties! 

best party wedding ideas for children royal wedding

Perfect Party Bag Filler Ideas for Children

Stuck for ideas on how to make the best party bag for children? Don’t worry. We’ve got you covered!

Here are some of the best party bag fillers that every child will love. Better yet, they won’t break the bank and they’re all available here at KeepEmQuiet. We’ve got the perfect pre-filled party bag collections and ideas for both boys and girls so be sure to check them out for your child’s next birthday event!

  • Soft Plushies 

  • Every child loves a soft plushie! They’re one of the best types of fidget toys for children (insert link to blog 3).

    Most children love cuddling a soft toy as they drift off to sleep each night or taking their inanimate friend along to school in their backpacks. They find it comforting to have a cute little toy to stick by their side!

    Hand out the plushies just before each child leaves the birthday party and ask them to name their new friend. This adds another layer of excitement to an already amazing party!

    The options are endless when it comes to soft plushies. You can buy all different kinds of stuffed animals or dolls. Our Reversible octopus Plushie is a popular choice amongst children of all ages. They’re the perfect addition to your pre-filled party bags.

  • Story Books

  • What better way to encourage kids to start reading more than to include books in your party bags Include a variety of story books so that your child and their friends have several weeks' worth of reading content. 

    This might sound like an expensive party filler, but it definitely doesn’t have to cost a lot of money. You can buy books in bulk online at a discounted price and we have an amazing sensory soft story book that makes the perfect party bag item!

  • Colouring Books and Crayons

  • Most standard children’s colouring books are extremely affordable and can be bought in bulk at an even cheaper price. They are the perfect option for every party bag for children and can keep them occupied for hours.

    Grab a bunch of colouring books with different themes and make it a lucky dip to see who gets which one! Don’t go forget to include some colouring pencils in the goody bags too. You can get multipacks of crayons for just a few pounds.

    There’s no doubt that your child and their birthday buddies will love our Stained Glass Colouring Book. It comes with six different coloured markers so they can create beautiful colourful designs. If they want some extra 

  • Playdough or Putty

  • Play dough and putty can provide hours of fun for children of all ages and they’re great sensory toys for kids (insert link to blog 1). Getting creative with play dough helps kids to develop their fine motor skills and encourages imaginative play.

    Why not put some small boxes of play dough into each child’s party bag so they can sculpt their favourite things?

    You could even include a play dough session as part of your child’s birthday party. Make it a fun activity and get everybody involved! Ask the children at the party to create something that they love, whether it’s a flower, an animal, or a mini sculpture of their mummy and daddy.

    Add some glitter to your child’s birthday party goody bag with our Glitter Thinking Putty. It comes in a bunch of different colours and it can be bounced, moulded, stretched, and sculpted into anything.

  • Puzzles

  • Puzzles come in a variety of forms - they can range in themes, size, and difficulty. They’re a great activity to stimulate a child’s mind whilst also helping them to develop their fine motor skills.

    The act of piecing together a puzzle picture teaches children the important skills of rational thinking, problem solving, memory, and patience. They can also boost social interaction and participation when children are completing a puzzle together.

    Include a mini puzzle in each goody bag so that your child and their friends can develop key skills and be creative at the same time. We’ve got an amazing two-piece Cbeebies Glow In the Dark Puzzle Set that makes the perfect party bag filler!

  • Space Hopper

  • You might be wondering how you would fit an inflated space hopper into a party bag…


    But, of course, most space hoppers come flat packed, ready to be pumped up when you get home.

    Space hoppers make the perfect addition to every party bag for children. They’re a great way to encourage children to go outside in the fresh air get moving! They can also promote socialisation as most kids love bouncing around and having fun with other kids their age.

    Our Flashing Monster Space Hopper takes things to the next level. It lights up as your child bounces up and down on the ground to make things even more exciting. The flashing lights act as a form of sensory play to stimulate your child’s vision and promote healthy development.

  • Song Bag

  • Give your child and their friends some auditory stimulation with an amazing song bag. They come in lots of different varieties, each with unique sounds. 

    You can hang these out just before each child leaves the party so they can listen to all sorts of different jingles and music on the way home. This is a unique and quirky goodie bag gift that every child is going to love.

    Auditory stimulation is important for healthy growth and development, especially for your children. The Oskar & Ellen Song Bag we have here at KeepEmQuiet includes six soft toys that make different sounds and jingles. They can help your child’s language development and activate their imagination.

  • Baking Set

  • From a bag of cute cookie cutters to a set of colourful cake toppings, there are so many great baking-related accessories that you can include in every party bag for children. 

    You could also include some mini spatulas or measuring cups along with an easy-to-follow recipe book. Every child can take these home and try out a delicious recipe with their parents for a great at-home hands-on activity.

    Our 14-piece Baking Set comes with a range of different baking accessories, including rolling pins, cookie cutters, spoons, moulds, and more! It has everything children need to embrace their inner chef!

    A quick note that if you decide to include some foodie items in your goodie bag baking sets, be sure to double-check with each child’s parents to avoid any allergic reactions!

  • Face Paints

  • You may have planned a face painting activity during your child’s birthday party, but why not take the creativity home?

    Include a set of face paints and a couple of sponges in your goodie bags to encourage your child and their friends to get their hands (and face) dirty. It’s a great way to encourage hands-on explorative play for young children. You could also pop some pre-designed templates in each party bag to give them some creative ideas!

    Check out our handy Set of 4 Face Paints that comes with four paints in a variety of bright colours and two applicators. It’s the perfect size to squeeze into every party bag for children and it provides hours of creative fun for everyone involved!


    Note that it’s always a good idea to check in with every parent to make sure their child isn’t allergic to the face paints. It’s better to be safe than sorry!

    KeepEmQuiet are soon to be launching an entire party bag filler section, so be sure to sign up to our email list to be notified of when we launch, from themed ready made party bags for parties and weddings, to individual party bag fillers so you can make your own, we will have you covered.

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