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First Day Trip As A Family Of Four

First Day Trip As A Family Of Four

I have found that having a toddler and a baby can mean that I am tempted to stay at home more than I used to. Between regular toilet trips for a freshly potty trained toddler, and the milk feeds, nappy changes and food feeds for the baby, if you are in a home environment this is all made a lot easier.

However, making wonderful memories is so important and since having our baby girl I have wanted our son to still have the most exciting magical moments that we could all share together. Therefore, we packed up our things with enough nappies for a week, snacks for a month and a few changes of clothes in case of accidents from either and headed off to Whipsnade for the day.

Zoo Grass Sky Clouds Sunny ZSL LondonZoo Whipsnade

We are members of ZSL but have never ventured to Whipsnade (which actually isn't that far but London Zoo is so near and familiar that we have always gone here instead.) On arrival, you can choose to either drive around the park (which is massive and highly recommended!) or discover it by foot. We drove and stopped off at various intervals. It was incredible! So many animals that my son had never seen at the zoo - from Rhinos to Hippos and male Lions, which caused much excitement as the lion looked exactly like the drawing in Dear Zoo (as opposed to London Zoo which only has females) - we had an incredible time discovering all that the park had on offer. 

Zoo Dads Whipsnade ZSL Animals

I have mentioned in a previous post my love of slings and this was a must. Our little girl was 7 months and fascinated by all the animals too so it was the perfect excursion for both. We then stopped off for lunch at a cafe near one of the most amazing parks we have ever seen within the safari. This worked out quite well for fussy mcfussyness as we promised him he could go to the park as soon as he had eaten his lunch. Well, this was wolfed down and then we had an amazing time discovering what the park had on offer. Once he was well and truly wiped out and it was time for our daughter to have a nap, we got back in the car and ventured around the part of the park which is like a safari, getting up close and personal with camels, deer, hares &... 

Zoo LondonZoo ZSL Wild Animals Play Fun

There's even a MASSIVE playground and multiple play areas for the Little Ones, it's certainly a place to spend an entire day!

Playground Swings Climbing Zoo ZSL LondonZoo Whipsnade Fun Toddler SeeSaw

There is SO much to do - we didn't even get the chance to go on the train around the park which I've heard is a must, or see the elephants,  but all in all this was a successful outing and has given us the confidence to set off on a few more day trips such as these with two in tow.

And as an added bonus they both napped all the way home! 

Car Nap Kids

Carly Moosah

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