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Letter To The Birthday Boy

May 17, 2017 1 Comment

Letter To The Birthday Boy

My darling boy today you are 4, and how excited are you to be turning another year older. You have been talking about turning 4 for about 6 months and now here we are!  Excited to discover all that being 4 has in store for you. 


What a tremendous year 3 has been. It saw your speech develop so much so that you do not actually stop for breath these days. Your wonder and excitement at all life has to offer can sometimes see you talking from the moment you wake up through to when you go to sleep. My Duracell bunny, your batteries quite literally do not stop until you finally pass out at night. 


Dylan you fill my heart with pride at the young boy you are becoming. At the inquisitive nature you have, and the enchanting way in which you question the world. At your passions (some may say obsessions) which consume you. This year begun with parks as you turned 3 and coincided with a trip to Spain where we undertook the park tours of Marbella to fulfill this passion. Followed by Michael Jackson which saw our lives enriched by your dancing, energy and love of the stage (our coffee table). How you would study Moonwalker the movie,  and recreate the dance moves was incredible to witness. I lost count of the number of nights you slept wearing a white glitter glove. And now we have lego mini figures and Batman! Sooooooooo many little lego mini figures everywhere. Oh, how I miss the MJ phase. It was so much less messy! I cannot wait to see what being 4 has in store and the next obsess...I mean passions that you will fill our lives with. 

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I know it will be a monumental year that is for sure. You will start school, make new friends, discover hidden talents, learn to read (how will I talk in code if you know what I'm spelling?) and broaden your mind with all that this world has to offer. "Kid you will move mountains" (Dr. Seuss, Oh The Places You'll Go) 


Please always retain your wide-eyed fascination and excitement with life my sweetest boy. We always want to grow up so quickly but really it is these years that you will forever wish for again when you are older. My first memories begin at 4 and I will do everything I can to make the best memories ever with you. Memories that when you think about them make you feel warm, safe and loved, because we all adore you, Dylan. You are our sunshine! 


Without gushing too much which I have a tendency to do I wanted to let you know that you made me a mother 4 years ago, and it is a role I am honoured to have. You are at times not the easiest going but you are always the most loving, quick to say sorry and empathic little soul, even if you might scream the house down when your sister takes your favorite toy. Within a few minutes of getting it back, you tend to give it to her anyway. And that loving nature right there is what I will forever nurture. In your words Dylan, you make my heart burst with love. Now let's eat some cake! 

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"Today is your day! Your mountain is waiting, so... Get on your way!" (Dr. Seuss) 


Love you to infinity and beyond, forever and a day, your mama x

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May 26, 2017

As always beautifully written Carly – and as Dylan’s Grandy I am bursting with pride at the boy – and big brother our Dylan has become . Xxxx

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