Just The Two Of Us

Just The Two Of Us

One of the biggest adjustments for me since giving birth to my baby girl last year has been spending so little time with my eldest just the two of us. I can count on one hand the times we have done things together just us this past year. But recently I have crossed a major hurdle with my daughter, who seems to have passed a huge separation anxiety stage and is now better at being looked after by others, giving me the opportunity to spend some serious quality time with my little man. 


 Disney Frozen On Ice KeepEmQuiet Travel Packs Blog By Carly Moosah


Therefore when the chance to join the Disney Frozen On Ice cast for an intimate ice skating class at the Tower Of London came about there was no stopping us. I whipped him straight out of his nursery early, organised some very quick last minute childcare for my little one, and off we went on an adventure just the two of us. His first time on the tube too which he loved!


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I am such a typical Londoner who has lived in London her whole life yet barely ever goes to the major tourist attractions. So coming out at London Bridge and seeing the Tower Of London and Tower Bridge in all its glory was truly a sight to behold. My son was completely blown away by it all too exclaiming “Mummy look at that castle” as he saw the Tower Of London. What a historical and magical landmark to take my little boy for his first ever ice skating experience. 


As a child, I was quite the skater if I do say so myself. I had all my badges from various tests of skills, spinning, backward skating and jumps to name a few, I was pretty good thanks to the wonderful teachers at Queensway Ice skating rink. Birthday presents would be my own brand spanking white skates which were my pride and joy, and I will never forget the sensational olive green sparkly skating dress I was given as a gift one year. As is so often the way as I entered my teenage years my love for skating slowly waned as I spent more time obsessing over boys and parties, and less time gliding around on the ice. But once I'm back on the ice it is overwhelming the instant love for it I have again. 


Disney Frozen On Ice Tower Of London Ice Rink Mum Blogger Carly Moosah


So skating with my son was pretty special. As it was his first time he was a little wobbly, but he was so confident I couldn’t have been prouder. He held on tight to the little penguin and kept on telling me to let go so he could try and skate with it alone. Mr. Independent! After a few attempts and some success of solo skating, we came across a sleigh. This was a win-win as my back was killing from bending over to hold him whilst he held the penguin. Once he was sat comfortably on the sleigh, that was it, I was off. Honestly, I don’t know if there is a more exhilarating experience than speeding around on the ice. My son and I had a ball! It was pure magic hearing his squeals of delight as my confidence came back with every glide of the skates. 


Kids Penguin Disney on Ice London Tower Of London Tower Bridge KeepEmQuiet Days Out


If you want a truly unforgettable skating experience then get yourself to the Tower Of London ice skating rink. It will be a memory I will treasure forever and I’m so grateful to Mothers Meetings for having us along for the Disney experience. I will be getting our tickets straight away to see the true professionals working their magic on ice in December when the Disney on Ice Frozen Tour comes to London. Now where do I sign up for ice skating lessons in the meantime? 


Carly Moosah

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