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It’s Oh So Quiet

November 10, 2016

It’s Oh So Quiet

So the kids are finally quiet, meaning you have survived another day until bedtime and now what… you probably have a To Do List as tall as your toddler and piles of washing! But being a Mummy is an insanely hard, knackering, wonderfully rewarding job, and you need to treat yourself with a little respect and serious downtime once in a while.

Here are some tips and tricks to unwinding and making the most of some precious silent moments:


First things first invest in a slow cooker.

Lakeland Crockpot Slowcooker KeepEmQuiet Kids Travel Pack Blog

This amazing, but actually ancient piece of culinary technology - has revolutionised our lives! The last thing anyone wants to think about once you have survived the obstacle course that is bath and bed is what to feed yourself now. The slow cooker has changed all of that! Come 7pm when the kids are in bed we have a steaming delicious meal awaiting us. You can throw all the ingredients in first thing in the morning and it cooks for 8+ hours whilst you run around like a headless chicken and then keeps the food warm for a further 6 hours - until you are able to sit down to enjoy it. From casseroles to spaghetti bolognese and the most insanely tasty roast chicken, this saves you time and energy come the evening. I seriously think if you are reading this you should order one right away! Ours is from Lakeland and you can buy it here


Onto another wonderful invention...ADULT COLOURING IN BOOKS! I thought adult colouring in was a pretty well-known phenomenon but I've been amazed how few of my knackered friends have tried it, let alone heard about it. In a world where we are all permanently attached to our phones, it allows you to silence your mind for a moment, and transport you back to your childhood, when colouring in was everything (how many times was I told to stay between the lines!). The adult twist being the images you are now colouring in are beautiful, captivating, relaxing, therapeutic drawings, and the process is to help you to calm the manic mind we all balance on our shoulders these days. If you are having a particularly rough day you can even get a colouring in book full of rude word pictures... which are not for the faint heart and can be purchased here 

Sit The Fuck Down And Colour Outrageous Katie KeepEmQuiet Colouring In

However, my current favourite pictures to colour in are the fabulous Mamazou #perfectlyimperfectparenting postcards as I spend a lot of my life sitting in my car whilst my kids are quiet a.k.a. asleep, and these have entertained me on many a day. Here they are in all their glory!

Mamazou KeepEmQuiet Parenting Blog Bloggers Travel Kids

Mamazou Parenting Forum KeepEmQuiet Mumblogger Dadblogger Travel Children

Mamazou Postcards Colouring In For Adults KeepEmQuiet Blog


Never underestimate the power of a steaming hot bath. I am a shower girl and have been for as long as I can remember. And with kids these showers are usually interrupted by a toddler, or super speedy to fit into a tight window of getting us all ready and out of the house on time. Not very relaxing at all. On those occasions when I’ve felt at breaking point, both mentally and physically, taking the time out to relax in a warm bath filled with aromatherapy oils and salts has worked wonders calming both my mind and my aching bones. My fav bath salts at the moment are made by L'Occitane.

Steaming Bath Relaxing Oils Mad Day KeepEmQuiet


If you haven’t heard of Spa By Car then..... you can thank me in vouchers with them! This company has been my saviour on too many occasions with my babies. Those times when you cannot fit in anytime to pamper yourself but all you want more than anything is a massage or a pedicure, these dream girls will come to your home and give you all the pampering you need when your kids are quiet. I could not recommend them more highly! After having months of sleep deprivation and round the clock feeding with my daughter, I booked in a massage and have never felt like crying tears of joy quite as much. It was heaven in my home. 

SpaByCar KeepEmQuiet Massage Pedicure Manicure


If time is really tight for you and you are juggling all the balls and feeling they may all drop at any moment and have no time to yourself then download the Headspace app ASAP. This will give you meditation tools in just ten minutes each day - and allow you that quality time to ground and centre yourself amidst the madness of having small children. I know it can feel like even a minute to yourself can feel impossible some days but if you can find the time to allow this app into your life you will not regret it. I have found since using it I have been able to be more focused and productive with my time than before, which can only be a good thing. 

HeadSpace App KeepEmQuiet Blog Relax

Finally, my absolute favourite tip to really relaxing and switching off once the kids are in bed, a good old box set and a delicious glass of red. Currently devouring Quantico - but other firm favourites include Greys Anatomy, Pretty Little Liars, How To Get Away With Murder & Scandal. There is really nothing better in my book than curling up and watching a show accompanied by a glass of wine and that is exactly what I'm off to do now. I hope you are all managing to indulge in a little you time too!

(When I say a glass, I actually mean this)

Wine Glass Red KeepEmQuiet Blogger



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