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Fidget Toys for Kids: A Solution for Learning Difficulties and Travel Distractions

March 17, 2023

Fidget Toys for Kids: A Solution for Learning Difficulties and Travel Distractions

A recent study published in The Journal of Abnormal Child Psychology by Dr. Dustin Sarver and colleagues suggests that hyperactivity movements can actually improve focus and learning. The study found that these movements are a coping mechanism used to enhance cognitive tasks. In fact, the more complex the task, the more intense and hyperactive ADHD subjects became, similar to using ADHD fidget toys.

Fidget Toys In The Classroom

Fidget toys have also shown to be beneficial in classrooms by helping students maintain their focus during lectures and assignments. The use of fidget toys in classrooms has become increasingly popular as teachers have recognized the value of keeping students' hands busy while they are listening or working. Fidget toys can help redirect the need for movement and help prevent disruptive behavior, allowing students to focus on the task at hand.

Fidget Toys For Traveling

In addition, fidget toys are great for travel distractions for children. When traveling, children can become restless and easily bored. Fidget toys provide a great solution for keeping kids entertained and focused during long journeys. These toys can help keep children calm and relaxed while occupying their minds and hands with a fun, interactive toy that they can carry with them wherever they go.

It can be challenging for children to sit still for extended periods during car rides or airplane trips, which can lead to restlessness and irritability. Fidget toys can provide a distraction and help children focus their energy on something other than their discomfort or boredom. They can also help to reduce anxiety and stress associated with travel, particularly for children who may be nervous or apprehensive about flying or long car rides.

Fidget Toys For ADHD

For individuals with ADHD, fidget toys can be an effective tool for managing symptoms. As mentioned earlier, hyperactivity movements can help individuals focus and enhance cognitive tasks. Fidget toys provide a healthy outlet for the need for movement and can help manage symptoms such as restlessness and impulsivity. They can help individuals stay focused during tasks and can reduce anxiety and stress, allowing individuals to perform better in daily activities. Overall, fidget toys have shown to be a useful tool for managing ADHD symptoms and improving focus and concentration.

Here is a list of some of our favourite fidget toys that we have tried and tested:

  1. Fidget Spinner - A handheld toy designed to spin with small continuous strikes to keep it spinning indefinitely.

  2. Fidget Cube - A cube-shaped toy with different features such as buttons, switches, and knobs to help relieve stress and anxiety.

  3. Tangle Toy - A series of interlocking curved pieces that can be twisted and turned to create different shapes.

  4. Flippy Chain - A chain of interlocking rings that can be flipped, rolled, and spun for stress relief.

  5. Stress Ball - A small ball made of foam or other squeezable material used to relieve stress and improve focus.

  6. Spiky Sensory Ring - A small ring with soft spikes that can be twisted, squeezed, and rolled to provide tactile stimulation and stress relief.

  7. Pop Tubes - Bendy pullable, bright coloured tubes that you can pull, twist and reshape.

  8. Kinetic Sand - A moldable sand-like substance that can be squished and shaped to provide sensory stimulation and relaxation.

  9. Wacky Tracks - A chain of connected pieces that can be twisted and manipulated into different shapes.

  10. Pop Its - The original fidget toy that started the craze, these silicone reusable bubble wrap type toys are arguably the best fidget toy around.

We at KeepEmQuiet.com offer a variety of travel activities and accessories for children. One of the products we sell is a fidget kit that includes nine of the most popular fidget toys on the market. This kit is a convenient and cost-effective way to get a variety of fidget toys for children who struggle with sitting still during travel or other situations. By providing a range of different textures and movements, the fidget kit can help children stay calm and focused, reducing stress and anxiety. Our popular fidget kit is a great option for parents, educators, and therapists looking for a simple and effective way to manage fidgeting and improve concentration.

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