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Best Christmas Ever

Best Christmas Ever

My Mummy always said that once Halloween and Guy Fawkes night were over then Christmas was well and truly on the agenda. Which means that today marks the day that we are all systems go for my most favourite time of the year by far. And nothing screams Christmas magic than the Christmas adverts that appear on our screens filling us with a spectrum of emotions.

This week I was lucky enough to be invited to an intimate gastronomical feast and screening of the Asda Christmas Advert. With the tagline of the Best Christmas Ever, the advert had a lot to live up to, and my goodness it did not disappoint. As soon as I saw the gates to the Asda Christmas workshop – the Imaginarium, I was transported back to that delight at originally seeing the Willy Wonka gates and marvelling at the delights within the factory. I could not wait to see the magic within the doors of the Imaginarium. In 60 seconds I was transported to a wondrous world with childhood excitement at the core. Reindeer making Christmas puddings, strong men roadtesting the smash igloos & an adult only futuristic gin room where chocolates are being infused by laser with gin. Asda's Christmas offerings are showcased with a wonder and magic capturing the essence of Christmas. It made me feel warm, childlike and enticed all at once. 

Since having children I have become an Asda convert. Adding two more mouths to feed to the weekly shop, as well as all the clothes they continually need, there is no better place for value for money than this store. As you can see I have already stocked up on Christmas jumpers and pyjamas for the kids prior to the dinner. I’m particularly excited by my daughter’s one which has a changeable countdown to the big day, so she can be a walking advent calendar come December! 

But what I found pleasantly surprising at the dinner was we were treated to an exquisite, elegant meal in a 5star setting that screamed luxury, but every ingredient used was Asda’s finest. The quality, taste and presentation was sublime. I’ve never dined at a Heston Blumenthal restaurant but this was a feast for all the senses. A 7 course Christmas Dinner featuring a toffee apple with extra special toffee apple pork hog roast. This was served with my favourite cocktail of the night (and there were 8 different cocktails to take this accolade!!!) “By The Fireside” used toffee vodka to give a rich, decadent, smooth, sweet taste. I am sold on toffee vodka moving forward! An alcoholic dessert, what’s not to like!?

So, Christmas we are ready for you – I have the Christmas tunes playing in the car, the novelty items bought (and gifted, thank-you Asda for my Peace, Love & Prosecco jumper), and I just have to restrain from putting up my tree until the 1st December if I can. It is going to be hard once the Christmas Ads get going though as it will be beginning to look a lot like Christmas.


Get yourselves to Asda asap to check out all that they have for this festive season. I can assure you that you will not leave empty handed. Also, keep your eyes peeled for our extra special KeepEmQuiet Christmas Stockings filled with goodies for the festive season which will be launching imminently. And I have a feeling that Asda, you might just be right, this is going to be the Best Christmas Ever.

Carly Moosah

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