Because We're Worth It

Because We're Worth It

With Mother's Day this Sunday we have compiled a foolproof gift list sure to put a smile on the most exhausted of Mother's faces. Husbands and children you can thank us later. ;)

1) Don't Buy Her Flowers - Flowers are beautiful but sometimes it's nice to receive an extra special package filled with more useful, luxurious and thoughtful items when you are Mum. Especially a knackered one! The thought of putting flowers in a vase can be too much. But to receive one of these boxes from super Mum Steph's brainchild you get a gift that keeps on giving. You can relax and unwind with chocolates, mini gin & tonics, bath items and much more. 

2) Mutha Hood - With a great Instagram  page and hilarious Insta stories, we are loving Mutha Hood. And seeing as most Mum's do a lot of shopping, getting them a tote bag to rock on the job, with an empowering slogan will help in those vulnerable moments all Mums face. Because let's face it, we all need to be empowered once in a while. 

3) Niler London - These awesome jackets are bespoke, hand painted and personalised, coming in either leather or denim. Be warned, there is a waiting list due to high demand, but giving an IOU for one of these special jackets will be sure to make any Mummy's day. They could get their children's names or initials emblazoned on the back so the Mum's can keep their kids close to them always.

4) Fortnum & Masons - For the most decadent indulgent chocolates head no further than Fortnum & Masons chocolate department. You can hand pick your box depending on the special someone's chocolate tastes. Our household are big fans of the salted caramels and violet creams. 

5) Mamazou - These soft slouchy jumpers are the ideal gift for any Mummy who needs reminding they are doing their absolute best for the loves of their lives. With the perfect slogan "Perfectly Imperfect" across them they remind us that absolutely no one is perfect, especially not parents, but we are perfect at being imperfect. You can even get the little ones matching ones so they can twin with their mummies. 

6) A Place for Everything Bath Caddy - Nothing says 'We Love You Mummy' than this bath caddy with a special place for a wine glass and an iPad. So after a long day with the little ones they can well and truly unwind once the kids are in bed. You just might struggle to get us to ever leave the bath...ever. 

7) Aromatherapy Associates - You can't have the perfect bath (see 6) without the ultimate bath oils. Aromatherapy Associates are the perfect gift for run down Mummies. With a selection of oils depending on your mood, we are all about the Inner Strength oil after a full on day with two children under 4. 

8) Cowshed - The ultimate gift for any Mummy is spa time. Nothing beats a little bit of peace and quiet and pampering when your days consist of non-stop talking and carrying heavy loads. Cowshed spas offer the best massages and pedicures in the most tranquil environments. Sure to rejuvenate even the most rundown Mummies. 

9) Spa By Car - And for those new Mummies that might struggle to get to a spa then bring the spa to them. When I had unpredictable newborns who were breastfeeding at all times of the day this was the only way I could get my nails done or have a massage when I felt broken. I cannot recommend this service enough for making me feel human again on so many occasions. 

10) Merci Maman - If all else fails you can never ever go wrong with personalised jewelry with the kid's names or initials on. This gorgeous company offers a range of designs, from necklaces to bracelets which can all be engraved for that extra special touch. Thoughtful and beautiful, a sure fire way to let a special Mummy know that their children think they are the best Mummy in the world. 

Whatever you get, whether it is a handmade card or a luxury gift, we hope you are showered with kisses and cuddles more importantly and perhaps even get a lie in.

Just leave your computer open on this page so your other half gets the hint if you think they need a bit of guidance! Happy Mother's Day all you super Mums. 



Carly Moosah

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