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A World Of Pure Imagination

October 16, 2016

A World Of Pure Imagination

One of my favourite things about being a parent is being reminded of my incredibly happy childhood. From toys that my kids are playing with which remind me of my youth (the famous red & yellow car anyone?) to cartoons and films which I cherished as a child, the nostalgia can be overwhelming and wonderful at times. Seeing the excitement in my children's eyes and thinking of that innocent excitement that I too once held can fill me with memories so strong I feel like I am living them all over again. But what has filled me with the most immense feeling of nostalgia so far in my son's small life is reading our first chapter book together.

Being a self-confessed bookworm, reading has always been one of my favourite pastimes. I was that person who would pack endless books for a short holiday, knowing I would devour each and every one - some in a day. I would not stop reading! It's a surprise I had any friends that ever wanted to go on holiday with me - I was probably mute half the time, even being known to read a page turner as I walked, as I simply could not put it down. So to pass on to my children a love of books fills me with so many emotions. And to see my son interested in his first book without many pictures has filled me with a pride like no other, that I may have produced another little bookworm into this world.

The book of choice is one that I remember getting so much enjoyment and excitement from as a child - the wonderful "Charlie & The Chocolate Factory". I figured a book about chocolate and sweets was sure to be a winner. As we immerse ourselves into the genius world of Roald Dahl's Wonka I can't help but brim with excitement about other books I think he will love (and that I will love just as much getting to reread again). The magical worlds of Narnia, Oz, Wonderland & Hogwarts to name a few. All the classic Roald Dahl's which as a child I would read over and over - there are so many exciting pages to be turned together and stories to discover. I hope that Charlie and The Chocolate Factory is just the beginning of Dylan's (and Sienna's when she is old enough) imagination taking him to the most wonderful places.

And perhaps giving me back that youthful innocence that growing up slowly robs us of, as I think back to the days of pure bliss at being offered to lick the spoon whilst baking with my mum and younger brother, or playing a made up game of teachers with my older brother, who was the strict teacher who basically playfully tortured us if we laughed at any of his jokes, which was always! They say youth is wasted on the young but how can this be true if your youth is filled with happiness, joy, and discovery. To enjoy every day is to live and that is my aim for my children as I navigate this murky land of parenthood.

Drop us a line to lets us know your favourite childhood stories that fill you with a huge sense of nostalgia!

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