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5 Travel Essentials for Travelling with Kids

November 30, 2022

5 Travel Essentials for Travelling with Kids

There are few activities as fun as taking a family vacation. While many parents believe that family travel i.e., travelling with kids is challenging, it doesn’t have to be. In fact, travelling with kids is all about how prepared the parents are. Moreover, being prepared to travel with kids doesn’t mean bringing all their belongings; it just means bringing the right stuff.

So whether you plan to take a road trip with your family, fly off to your dream destinations, or combine a few transport modes to experience everything you want, I have compiled the perfect list of travel essentials to make your family travel easy. Let’s take a look:

Kids’ Suitcase Scooter

A personal suitcase scooter is a travel essential that will keep your kid entertained and make your life easier. At airports, in metros, or even when walking to the hotel from the taxi stand, the suitcase scooter will make the journey fun for your kid. Additionally, it will save you from carrying all the stuff.

Encouraging kids to pack their suitcases themselves and pick the things they want to bring to vacation can also make travelling with kids easier. It provides freedom to kids and helps them become more responsible for their belongings.

Foldable On-Ear Headphones

Headphones are another travel essential for family vacations. They can make the environment quieter for your kids to sleep peacefully on the way. They also save you from repeatedly listening to your kids’ favorite songs. If you have more than one kid, personal pair of headphones and devices can prevent reasons for arguments and silly fights between the kids.

Opt for a foldable pair to save space on storage. The headphones must also be soft on the kids’ heads, adjustable, and with cute designs to excite kids to use them.

Travel Activity Tray

KeepEmQuiet travel activity tray is a multi-purpose travel essential that keeps your kids occupied and entertained. The tray has multiple storage pockets that your kids can enjoy filling at home before travel. The pockets can hold toys, an iPad, a couple of books, drawing and coloring papers, markers and pencils, and activity sheets. You can pack a couple of family travel games to keep the entire family entertained.

The travel activity tray is designed to make engaging in activities easier for kids during travel. It can be used in a car, on a flight, on a train, or even in hotel rooms. It keeps the iPad or phone upright for comfortable viewing and has additional space to convert into an eating tray so your kid can play and eat without making a mess.

Power Bank

If you have a dedicated iPad or smartphone for your child, they need a personal power bank. Download children’s films offline on Netflix or their favorite videos on YouTube so your child can stay entertained for longer. You can also download white noise videos for travelling with kids overnight so they can enjoy a peaceful sleep anywhere.

Travel First Aid Kit

Some kids can find a way to get hurt in the safest places. If you have a kid like that, a travel first aid kit is a travel essential for your family. Travel first aid kits are designed to fit in compact spaces, and one is enough for the whole family. Pack one on top of other stuff, making it easily accessible when needed.


What travel essentials do you bring when travelling with kids? Have you tried any of these on the list and found them helpful? Let me know in the comments!

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