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Long Trip: For Boys Age 3-5 Years


 "Best flight I’ve ever had with children

Great for International long haul flights, multi-trip journeys such as long car, train or boat journeys. Perfect for when you want to keep your child entertained throughout the day or want them to have multiple toys and gifts they can keep going back to throughout their holiday.

Included: 9 entertainment items & 4 healthy snack products.

All packed into our bespoke KeepEmQuiet rucksack.


Introduction To KeepEmQuiet.com - Unboxing Video! The Ultimate Travel Entertainment Packs For Kids!

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Age titles are only a suggestion and are not meant to be taken literally. Adult supervision is always required. Please read more in the About Us section of the site.

Pictures are illustrative only, the individual items are subject to change daily and are wholly dependent on inventory levels - but you will always receive the correct amount of items & snacks as per your length of trip choice. 

Please remember, this is a lucky dip of items that are packed to a certain formula, we, therefore, cannot guarantee specific items will be included. 



Customer Reviews

Based on 226 reviews
Boys 3-5 yrs

Brilliant pack! Arrived quickly although don’t need them for another couple of weeks. But what’s in them is amazing and great for the age group!
Thank you for also refunding me the discount code as I forgot to apply it.

Wohoo! Our pleasure x
Boys 4-5 pack

I was extremely pleased with my purchase. I received it extremely quickly in the post (even in the busy lead up to Christmas) I was initially a little concerned when is was advertised as 3-5years, as I thought that was quite a broad age range, but when I realised I could specify the age, that was great!
The pack will certainly keep my nephew entertained, and the bag will give him a sense of independence also.
I would very much recommend 👍🏼

Thank you Laura x
Great contents

Great products and the gift that keeps on giving- age appropriate exciting toys and books.
But: stocking v poorly made and tore the same day. A bit embarrassing as was a gift. But contents were great!

Thank you for the kind comments, sorry about the stockings, we have some more in now which are different - can we perhaps send you 4 more stockings to replace the ones you've received to make it up to you?

Fantastic product and huge time saver for busy parents

Delighted with the pack - great products, lots of variety! Bought for a long, transatlantic flight with our three year old who is a seasoned traveler but this was the first trip with his new baby brother who took a lot of our attention. Usually I would put together items similar to these in preparation for a long trip but with a newborn baby this was a huge time saver. The lure of watching TV on a long flight meant that not everything got played with on the plane itself, but it came in very handy for getting through jet lag in the week afterwards! Have already recommended to friends.

Thanks Katherine :) x
Great for Travel

This bag was filled with the perfect items to entertain my son on a long plane journey!

Thank you happy travels :) x

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