ElectroFlytes 25ml - Hydration For Flying


What is ElectroFlytes?

ElectroFlytes is an all-natural liquid blend of more than 72+ electrolytes in an 'ionic' state, meaning electrolytes are absorbed much quicker and deeper at the cellular level helping passengers to stay properly hydrated and arriving feeling refreshed at their destination.

ElectroFlytes works by providing your body with the correct balance of electrolytes. Most people think hydration is about ‘total’ fluid intake. In fact, it’s how your body is able to ‘manage’ the fluid inside that ensures proper hydration and to achieve this, you need to consume the correct balance of electrolytes, in the correct state, especially when flying.

You can add ElectroFlytes to any drink - water, juice, coffee, tea, smoothies, even alcoholic drinks!

What's in it?

  • 4 Key Electrolytes
  • 72+ Trace Minerals
  • Makes 10 Litres of Electrolyte drinks
  • No calories, flavourings, colourings or additives
  • Carry through customs pocket bottle

Why do I need ElectroFlytes?

  • Harsh air

The cabin environment stands between 10-20% humidity 3 times dryer than the Sahara Desert!

  • Water loss

On 10-hour flight men can lose up to 2L of water, and women up to 1.6 Litres of water

  • Dehydration

Just 2% dehydration starts to impact our health & wellbeing, dry skin, nose and throat, decreased immunity and decreased cognition. The longer the flight, the worse this becomes

Top tip: electrolytes also help to hydrate you when you have had a few too many the night before! Take some ElectroFlytes before you start your evening and again before you go to bed & it should help to lessen the pain the next day 😀🍾


Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews

Order came quick, great service. Can’t wIt to try this for my long flight.

Thanks Tracey, you'll be well hydrated with these :) x

Donna H (Poole, GB)

Haven't used these yet as going to Australia in December, but purchased after reading reviews on them, so fingers crossed they do the trick for me and my boy!

Donna Emmings (Ilford, GB)
Great product

Used these drops on a very long trip to Thailand. Helped with jet lag for all of us - including the kids. Would recommend.

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