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Coloured Large Fidget Kinetic Flow Rings


Trending craze toy, the Flow Rings are an updated version of the fidget spinner… and if we really want to do a throwback, I guess we could say it’s a modern-day slinky.

The interactive and sensory flow toys are sure to be a crowd pleaser no matter where you are – but also makes for a great stress relief activity too.


What do they do?
The rings flow along your arm like a metallic bubble and easily push down to become flat, ready to start the spiralling again.

Watch as these mesmerising Flow Rings spiral up and down your arms…

How do they work?

Also referred to as magic rings, you’re probably wondering how the Kinetic Flow Rings actually work.

Deceiving to the eye, these amazing new magic toys are actually made up of just a singular piece of metal rather than multiple rings and the flow motion is powered by kinetic energy.

Ages 6+


Customer Reviews

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Chrisi (Chippenham, GB)

Great toy, granddaughters love it

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