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Koo-Di Pack It 'The Real Sun Shady' Universal Stroller Cover

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Meet the real sunshady, a stroller sun shade that will make protecting your little one from the sun a walk in the park. It’s made with breathable navy blue fabric which absorbs more UVA & UVB sun rays than traditional black ones. A bright idea indeed! Quick and easy to attach for the instant cool factor.

Whilst it is important to protect baby’s delicate skin from the sun, it’s also important to make sure they don’t overheat! That’s why the real sunshady is made up of thousands of air holes, allowing fresh air to travel breezily through the breathable fabric, creating a cool, shady environment that fends off UVA & UVB rays. There’s even an additional vented panel on each side of the stroller to help cool air circulate. We’ve done our research and checked the science reports, and blue does a better job of absorbing those harmful rays than black, so this wonder mesh will protect little ones on sunny days. It has been tested on strollers, pushchairs and three wheelers of all shapes and sizes and designed to have a universal fit.


  • Breathable airflow mesh
  • Blocks 93% of UVA & UVB sun rays
  • Creates shade and creates perfect nap time environment
  • Packs away into integrated pocket
  • Navy blue fabric absorbs more UVA & UVB sun rays than traditional black sunshades
  • Breathable mesh with additional airflow window to prevent overheating
  • Quick and easy to fit to most strollers, pushchairs and three wheelers
  • Universal fit
  • Single: W 94 x H 76 cm

  • 100% Polyester

    40C Machine washable. Line dry

  • Always check your child’s temperature regulary when using the sunshady
  • Do not leave your child in direct sun at any time
  • KEEP AWAY FROM CHILDREN when not in use


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