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SOLD OUT KeepEmQuiet®️ Sensory Fidget Kit

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"Very Happy!

I have two children that thrive on sensory things like this and when we saw how much was in there they were both happy!
The contents were durable even for my daughter! And this says a lot! Definitely recommend!" - Melanie. M - KeepEmQuiet Customer


We are super excited to introduce our tantalizingly fun KeepEmQuiet®️ Sensory Fidget Kit. We have collated and curated the most educational, addictive, tactile, and anti-anxiety fidget toys to create a special 22 piece kit. Destress, learn & play with all your favourite fidgets!

Relax, feel calm, learn with different tactile senses, and have lots of super satisfying fun with our colourful KeepEmQuiet®️ Sensory Fidget Kit, the must-have gift for little fidgety fidgeters! These fidget toys have been carefully selected as being the most popular craze toys available, you see them at the school gates, being used and reviewed on YouTube and TikTok so we made a massive fun pack of fidgets that will keep your little ones excited and engaged! You'll even enjoy playing with them yourself!

This kit is such good value, we conducted a test and bought every item individually from online stores & high street toy stores, and the value of this kit would be over double the price if you bought everything individually yourself, which is why we created it! Not to mention the time and effort it takes to make it yourself! No wonder they have been so popular!


  • 1x Rainbow Bubble Pop It Fidget
  • 1x Finger Fidget Ball
  • 2x Fidget Snakes (aka Wacky Tracks)
  • 3x Squishy, Stretchy Caterpillars (aka Caterpillar Monkey Noodles)
  • 1x Galaxy Infinity Cube
  • 4x Super Squishy Mochi Characters
  • 3x Pea Pod Poppers
  • 2x Rainbow Click Snap Fidgets
  • 1x Rugby Shaped Stress Ball 
  • 1x Fidget Ring (aka Bike Chain)
  • 2x Finger Acupressure Finger Massage Rings (aka Sensory Fingerings)
  • 1x KeepEmQuiet Rucksack - to keep everything contained! 

All packed into a KeepEmQuiet®️ branded rucksack to keep everything together when on the move. This kit is great for travel or home & is the perfect way to keep your brain focused and your hands busy! For children & adults! Designed for sensory & learning through tactile play for special needs children & adults too.

Suitable for children aged 3+ only, there are small parts in this kit & parental supervision is highly recommended, please be aware with excessive force items can of course break, so please take care when playing with certain items in this kit.


Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Naomi Jarram (Loughborough, GB)

I'm always a little weary of ordering from sites, but this product truly is amazing. You get exactly what it pictured. All of the products that come in this pack seem like great quality.

My 5 year old son received his autism diagnosis today, when we got home from school I gave him the pack. He was well away, very engaged and excited by it all.

Thank you very much for this product and service.

charlotte cox (Kensington, GB)
KeepEmQuiet Sensory Fidget Kits

The items inside the fidget kits are fantastic. However delivery really let this store down. I specifically asked for next day delivery, and paid the appropriate price, but it took 4 days to arrive. I appreciate its Christmas, but why offer the next day delivery option when its not going to be possible to fulfil this guarantee? Its very frustrating as i was unable to give the present to the recipient because i did not have it in time.
I think the products are fantastic, but its not acceptable to make people pay for guarantees that cant be fulfilled.

Emma Taylor (Maldon, GB)
Squeezy Sand Rock Construction Modelling Set

Bought this for my sons birthday, he is going to love it, arrived early very happy