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KeepEmQuiet®️ Sensory Fidget Kits

KeepEmQuiet®️ Sensory Fidget Kit

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"Very Happy!

I have two children that thrive on sensory things like this and when we saw how much was in there they were both happy!
The contents were durable even for my daughter! And this says a lot! Definitely recommend!" - Melanie. M - KeepEmQuiet Customer


We are super excited to introduce our tantalizingly fun KeepEmQuiet®️ Sensory Fidget Kit. We have collated and curated the most educational, addictive, tactile, and anti-anxiety fidget toys to create a special limited edition kit! Destress, learn & play with all your favourite fidgets!

Relax, feel calm, learn with different tactile senses, and have lots of super satisfying fun with our colourful KeepEmQuiet®️ Sensory Fidget Kit, the must-have gift for little fidgety fidgeters! These fidget toys have been carefully selected as being the most popular craze toys available, you see them at the school gates, being used and reviewed on YouTube and TikTok so we made a massive fun pack of fidgets that will keep your little ones excited and engaged! You'll even enjoy playing with them yourself!


  • 1x Grippa Strip Suction Sticky Popper
  • 1x Stretchy Caterpillar or another animal such as a dinosaur/unicorn
  • 1x Pop It Ball
  • 1x Pea Pod Popper
  • 1x Animal Shaped Simple Dimple
  • 1x Glitter Spring
  • 1x Slime-type toy (the style of which will vary so please note it will not be what is pictured in the product photo)
  • 1x Suprise Ball - with a collectible squishy toy inside
  • 1x Light Up Bouncing Fidget Spinner

All packed into a KeepEmQuiet®️ branded rucksack to keep everything together when on the move. This kit is great for travel or home & is the perfect way to keep your brain focused and your hands busy! For children & adults! Designed for sensory & learning through tactile play for special needs children & adults too.

Suitable for children aged 3+ only, there are small parts in this kit & parental supervision is highly recommended, please be aware with excessive force items can of course break, so please take care when playing with certain items in this kit. Colours and shapes may vary.


Customer Reviews

Based on 85 reviews
Andrea Catton (Limassol, CY)
This was perfect for SEN daughter!

I was nervous on plane with my 7 years old, she is non verbal Autistic. I bought this bag thinking well I bought her sister one, so I best by one each. I thought she won’t be interested if she doesn’t like it I’ll give it her little sister. I was wrong!! I surprised her on the plane with this fidget bag kept her occupied for hours she kept diving back in again and again squishing some toys and spinning theme I highly recommend this to all children tbh as well as if you have a child/adult with Sen needs there was things in there didn’t know she would like. I took out the slime but kept the top shape of dragon I think it was? Either way she loved it all. Will purchase the large one next time.

Diane Adams (Dunstable, GB)

Fantastic items my grandchildren love it all.

Melanie Mitchell (Brighouse, GB)

I have two children that thrive on sensory things like this and when we saw how much was in there they were both happy!
The contents were durable even for my daughter! And this says a lot! Definitely recommend

Erika Jermakova (Southwark, GB)


A truly wonderful moment

Upon finding my good friends son is autistic, I had to find something for Christmas which he would be happy with.
I’m absolutely lost for words when i came across the keepemquiet web page and having ordered the bag of joy that my friends son and to find out that he loves all the bits in the bag (as I’m told he’s constantly using them)
Which is wonderful!
These items should be easier to find for other people.
So I’ve passed this info onto another friend of mine.
So see what happens!
Thanks to all at keepemquiet!
Great job!!

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