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Home Activities

Spiral Art Set


Create sensational stencil art with this Spiral Art Maker. This art set comes with 3 different activities and all of the equipment kids need to get creative. Place the pattern stencils, spiral gears and puzzle stencils onto the spiral machine to create colourful patterns and hidden pictures.

Use the pattern stencils to create rotating patterns, use the spiral gears to create spiral art patterns, and turn the dial to reveal the mystery pictures on the stencil cards.


  • 6 x puzzle stencil cards
  • 1 x spiral picture maker
  • 1 x pattern stencil
  • 1 x spiral art ring
  • 7 x spiral art gears
  • 3 x felt tip markers
  • 10 x sheets of paper
  • Instruction sheet

For 6+ years


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