Long Trip: For Girls Age 1-3 Years


Great for International long haul flights, multi trip journeys such as long car, train or boat journeys. Perfect for when you want to keep your child entertained throughout the day or want them to have multiple toys and gifts they can keep going back to throughout their holiday.

Included: 9 entertainment items & 4 healthy snack products.

All packed into our bespoke KeepEmQuiet rucksack.

Please note pictures are for illustrative purposes only, the individual items will be different in every pack and are no way indicative of exact brands/items inside each pack, the pictures are to illustrate the type and the number of items in a pack only.

Items such as stickers & non-toxic crayons will always be added to a 1-3 year pack - these are marked restricted for under 3's, however with parental supervision, we feel they are safe, please let us know in the comments section at checkout if you DO NOT wish to have these included.

A surcharge will be added to all 12mth, 15mth-18mth & 18mth-2yr packs so that we can continue to provide a great quality product. 

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 138 reviews

I bought the 1-3 girls along trip pack for my 15 month old to take on holiday in our caravan. The pack provided plenty of new entertainment giving us time to cook, relax etc. Our pack included: nursery rhyme book, reusable sticker set, colouring book with crayons, teddy bear, stacking cups, jigsaw, starfish for bathtime, bubbles and a xylophone!

My lo has a severe allergy and all the snacks sent were safe. It would be a good option to add to the order form if there any allergies.

Will ordering again for our next trip.

Love it!

Bought this for my 2 year old daughter for 2 trips we have coming up. Really impressed with everything the pack included! My daughter is going to love it! Especially the animals and hospital kit, it’s like you guys know her!!


Good variety of toys and snacks inside. Only negative is that some of the packaging was large so a bit cumbersome.


This really was a life saver... i had been a bit disorganised at planning how to entertain my 14 month old for our summer holiday, so ordered this a few days before we were going away. I wanted something for the flights and while we were there, so went for the long-haul package. My daughter has a low attention span and wants to walk, run and play constantly, so i knew it was going to be challenging to find enough new things to survive the holiday! She is at a tricky age where things like stickers and colouring will only entertain for a few minutes at a time. Also, her cognitive abilities are not really at the stage where puzzles are good for anything other than making a mess. She also isn't interested in screen time, even if I gave her the option. Overall I would say the travel pack we received was very good. Some of the toys were perhaps a little young for her as she wasn't interested in playing with them; whilst others maybe a bit too old. But she enjoyed the surprise of having new toys to play with, and although we didn't use the more creative things(e.g. water painting and stickers) until we were at our destination, they did come in useful. I would say the books were a little disappointing... she loves anything with touch and feel or flaps, and the books provided did not really appeal to her. However, I would still order this again, as I would hope that as she gets older there will be better options in the bag!

Simply fantastic

This pack is one of the best things I have purchased since becoming a parent. There was a great selection of toys, activities and snacks all of which were ideal for our 19 mth old (we went for the 18mth to 2 yr age range pack in unisex) We also ordered for a long haul trip although we weren't actually flying just going on a road trip and staying with family for the week. The pack meant that we didn't need to take another other entertainment as this self contained pack had more than enough, we even came back with a couple of items yet to be played with as we had rationed them out over the week. Highly recommended and will definitely be purchasing again.

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